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We’re excited to announce that Kingdom Faith Training College have teamed up with ForMission College to offer a BA(Hons) in Theology and Mission.

After completing our first year course – Foundation in Christian Discipleship – students can enrol with ForMission College to complete a 3 year Honours degree in Theology & Mission. ForMission College have developed an innovative learning programme that equips students for practical ministry and their undergraduate programme is accredited by York St John University.

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Two years at the Training College has been a life shaping & defining time for me ...I am not the person I was when I came! - Nathan Course Details...

Kingdom Faith Training College offers two courses, the first is a 'Foundation in Christian Discipleship' (1 year course) and the second is a 'Foundation in Christian Ministry' (2 year course). Both courses are grounded in the truth of God's Word and the foundation of understanding who you are in Christ.

Our comprehensive teaching syllabus is just one part of the student experience at Kingdom Faith Training College. Whether it be serving at one of our congregations throughout the region on a Sunday, sharing their faith with the people they meet on weekly missions in the local community or learning to live with people from all ages and backgrounds in the residential College campus, our students have opportunities every day to put into practice what they've learnt in the classroom and be carriers of this Kingdom Culture to wherever and whoever God sends them.

House of God

Word, worship and prayer are all intertwined; each one affecting the others. Students learn the importance of taking hold of what God has said through His Word and living it out in their everyday lives. Through the teaching syllabus and lecture programme we teach students not only to be rooted and established in the Truth of God's Word but how to meet with Him personally. Everyday we start with a time of prayer and worship at 8am where students, joined by members of the Church, learn how to encounter God and then pray from a place of confidence in Him.

Family of Believers

The majority of students live residentially at our College campus, Roffey Place, which can accommodate 65 students on site. Living in community, sharing mealtimes and social times together helps students to apply what they have learnt in a practical setting. Living in community is not without its challenges, but is always a catalyst for personal growth! All students are part of a weekly Lifegroup which is a place to share food, share the Word and grow in God together with other students. Alongside this, each student is given a 1:1 mentor to walk with them during their time at the College.

Friend to the World

Kingdom Faith Church is dedicated to helping people win and make disciples in their everyday lives...and the Training College is no different. Through Discipleship Academy and weekly Missions lectures, students gain the confidence to share their faith with others and are given the tools to disciple effectively. Missions is not simply something we do, its who we are! Every week students go out into the local community in mission groups and at the end of the 3rd term there is a 4-5 week placement opportunity at one of our partnering Churches, either in the UK or overseas.

Course One - A Foundaton in Christian Discipleship

Topics covered include:

  • In Christ Jesus
  • Discipleship Academy
  • Prayer Academy
  • Exposition of John's Gospel
  • Developing a Kingdom Lifestyle
  • Relationships & Character
  • Hearing from God
  • The Way of the Spirit
  • Understanding World Religions
  • God's heart for Israel & the Middle East
Course Two - A Foundaton in Christian Ministry

Topics covered include:

  • Pastoring in Truth
  • Discipleship Academy
  • Prayer Academy
  • The New Testament Church
  • Leadership
  • Exposition of the letter to the Romans
  • Forum: Study, Discussion & Application
  • Revival and Church History
  • Exposition of the letter to the Hebrews
  • God's heart for Israel & the Middle East

Kingdom Faith has been described as a lead boat in helping people develop a biblical understanding of Israel. Kingdom Faith Church organizes tours to Israel every year and all students are invited to come on one of these tours if they would like to (the cost is additional to student fees).