Raise up and release the emerging generation

Young people who live with a mission: to live in and continue the momentum of 'revival for a generation'. To be a people marked by purity, living for the cause of the gospel. To be movers and shakers in the nation, bringing change and having the greatest influence we have ever seen...

What it looks like:

A generation of people who know their God and His purpose for their lives. A people confident of who they are in Him. They are growing in and being taught the things of God; they choose to live different than the status quo; a people who desire to obey God and see Him impact every aspect of society.

They have a resolve to see the world changed through the mercy, grace and love of God. Determined to redefine the culture of their generation and be thermostats raising the spiritual temperature in their schools, colleges and universities. A people who have been invested in who now want to invest into the generation following them; passing on the things of God.