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Israel Prayer Points

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Israel: To give a lead in bringing a Biblical Understanding of Israel

God chose a place and a people from all the nations of the world for Himself; a people to know Him and understand that He alone is God. A people to whom God would show His love and faithfulness. Vision: Jew, Arab, Gentile; who know their God and their Saviour, Yeshua. A people united in the purpose that God has for their lives; living in the fullness of their calling and impacting the world through their unity and the outworking of the love of God through them.

What it looks like:

God's heart has never changed; His plans and purposes for Israel remain. God promised to restore and rebuild Israel and then pour out His Spirit upon them so that Israel would 'embrace her God' and become the witness and blessing to the world God has always intended. They still retain God's calling; they are still the objects of God's love. He will fulfil the promises given them through their forefathers. God has called a people and set them apart for Himself, He will not change His mind God is stirring the church to be involved in the restoration that is taking place in Israel.

Today there are many thousands of Jewish and Arab believers living in Israel and the Palestinian areas; just a few years ago there were only a handful.The prophets repeatedly spoke of God bringing His people back from the four corners of the earth and then He would pour out His Spirit on them. We are seeing the physical restoration of the people to their ancient homeland and we are seeing the 'firstfruits' of their spiritual restoration.

Israel - a blessing to the Church

We at Kingdom Faith want to help build into the church a biblical understanding of God's heart and purpose for Israel, its people and the land. Paul said in Romans 11 that the Jews may be enemies of the gospel at the moment but they are still his chosen people because of his promises to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and that God's gifts and call can never be withdrawn! What unfailing love and faithfulness! It also says in Romans 11 that there will be a time when the Jews will accept the gospel and it will cause a great blessing in the world.When the church has revelation that these promises are being fulfilled now, in this generation, and that their own nation can be blessed then they will want to be involved in the restoration that is taking place in Israel today!

The plan of God is one body, unity and love that overcomes sin and differences...that's what the world will see! We are all messengers of reconciliation, we have all been given this ministry, and our prayer is that while the nations and tribes live in division the body of Christ will rise and shine in unity.

The believers in the land

Possess and inherit the land... these are familiar and relevant words to the church in this season as we seek to advance the Kingdom of God. These words are a promise of God in Isaiah 65v9 concerning Israel; 'I will preserve a remnant of the people of Israel and of Judah to possess my land. Those I choose will inherit it and serve me there.' God is on the move! We at Kingdom Faith are not only praying for, but working with, and supporting Jews and Arabs who are seeing many lives reconciled to Jesus and also to one another. It is hard work with opposition and much need but there are more believers than ever in Israel today and we are constantly hearing of miraculous revelations of Yeshua Messiah amongst Jews and Arabs.

So how can you be involved? Pray! Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, this is to pray for the salvation of the people in Jerusalem.

We as a church are not only praying for, but working with, and supporting Jews and Arabs in the land who are seeing many lives reconciled to Jesus and also to one another ... true and lasting peace!