To be a house of Prayer and a people of Worship

Worship is spontaneous, prayer is constant; both are a way of life. Young and old, across society, affected by the power of prayer and worship. A boldness and confidence in declaring God's purpose in every type of situation and seeing lasting change!

What it looks like:

Prayer and worship becomes a way of life, in families, in the workplace and in social settings. The seemingly impossible is changed as the purposes of God are unlocked through prayer. People's lives are profoundly impacted as they encounter God in worship. An increase of the miraculous is seen and testimonies of the presence and power of God are commonplace. Even the health service ceases to creak as more and more people are healed by the power of God; lives are transformed as the picture of Isaiah 61 begins to be seen in everyday life.

Prayer and worship become the engine room of the spiritual life and dynamic for churches moving in God's purposes to see revival for a generation.