Teach, Train & Equip the Church to advance the Kingdom of God

A society where God is increasingly acknowledged with more and more people having a living and personal relationship with Him and living in the fullness of His life! A people who know the Word of God, who live by it, bringing positive change in their own world and the lives of others as they see the Kingdom of God being advanced through their life and ministry.

What it looks like:

The church equipped to win and make disciples. There is a hunger for the Word of God and a desire to know the truth and how to apply it to normal everyday life. As people apply the Word to their own lives and also minister to others, the overwhelming burden of pastoral issues within the church will dramatically decrease. The demand for teaching and resources of all kinds will increase and secular media becomes more open and can be used as a positive platform for social change.

The church plays a key role in areas of national policy as policymakers themselves get saved and seek to build the Kingdom of God into the fabric of national life. Workplace prayer and Bible study becomes common place; even in social settings such as pubs, changing the role they play in the community, thus reducing alcohol related problems and anti-social behaviour. Places of secular education and vocational training look to the church to teach people skills, life values and how to use the principles of the Kingdom of God in business and life success.