Free English conversation classes

Moving from one country to another always has it’s challenges - especially if the language isn’t the same as your own!

Habitat is here to help! Habitat is a free English conversation class that runs throughout the year - providing the opportunity for you to practice your English in an enjoyable, relaxed environment.

We provide an English conversation class that will help you with grammar, listening and speaking English. The class lasts for an hour - followed by coffee time....giving the opportunity to chat about particular topics or issues that students may need help with. Your English speaking ability doesn’t matter - our classes are for every ability and nationality (for those 18 and over). The brilliant thing about Habitat is that there is an English speaker for every 2-3 students, so unlike an English lesson these classes are much more tailored to you!

There are 3 Habitat terms throughout the year - you don’t have to sign up from the beginning, you’re welcome to join at any point in the year. To find out when our next class is check our calendar or contact us via the form below.