Small Groups

Small Groups

Small Groups are the relational heart of the Church - it’s where people connect, share life and grow together.

Small Group consist of approximately 10-20 people who meet together on a regular basis around a shared interest or passion and are designed to help everyone in the Church, across every congregation to discover what God has put inside each one of us so that we live fruitful, effective lives for Him.

If you’re new to Church or would like to get to know some more people, joining a Small Group is a great place to start. Check out which Small Groups are happening and when below and sign up today!

Small Group FAQs

What happens at a Small Group?
Every group is different. Whether hanging off a climbing wall, going for a coffee with friends or helping the homeless, each Small Group is a place to bring people together so that they can connect, relate and grow with others in the life of the Church. To help make it easier to find the right Small Group for you, we’ve put each group into one of the following categories:

  • Connect - Church, but on a small scale! These groups are for people who want to develop deeper relationships with others of a similar life stage or passion.
  • Community - Based around a particular outreach, event or activity, these Small Groups have a more missional focus and outlook.
  • Equip - If you want to go deeper with God and with others we have a number of groups that meet to pray, study the Word and grow together.

Where and what time do Small Groups meet?
Our Small Groups meet on different days throughout the week and at various times so there’s bound to be one that fits in with your schedule. Most meet in homes but some, that are based around particular interests or activities, meet elsewhere. Check with the Small Group leader for specific details of the group you’re interested in joining.

Are Small Groups just for people in the Church?
Anyone can join a Small Group, you don’t have to be a member of the Church and they are a great opportunity to bring along unsaved friends and family so that they can connect with others in the Church and find out who we are and what we believe. Each group aims to have a missional focus as we reach out to those in our towns and communities - so why not think about who you could bring along with you!

How do I sign up?
If youre already part of a Small Group or would like to join a different one then we have two Sign Up Sundays at the start of each Small Group season where you can chat to the Small Group leaders and find a group that suits you. You can also sign up to a group at any point online.

I’d like to join more than one Small Group - is that possible?
Yes, feel free to sign up for any Small Group you’d like to regularly attend. We recommend that you only sign up for a maximum of 2 Small Groups.

What if I choose a group but don’t like it?
That’s fine - you don’t have to stay! The important thing is that you find a Small Group where you are able to connect, relate and grow in faith with the other people in the group. You are very welcome to try a few!

How long do the Small Groups run for?
We have 3 Small Group seasons each year which are usually 10-12 weeks long; one from the end of January to March; one from mid April - mid July and the other from the end of September to mid December. We hold 2 Sign-Up Sundays at the beginning of each season for you to find out what’s happening and choose which group you’d like to be a part of.

If you have any other questions about Small Groups please speak to your Small Group Directors’, Andrew Boyd or email:

Craft Group


If you love arts, crafts & creativity - this group is for you! Get together to make greetings cards, scrapbooks, crochet, origami or soft toys. Bring your knitting - or anything you want to turn your hand to. The Craft Group is a great opportunity to have fun and introduce friends and neighbours to the One who gives us our creativity!

Small Group Leader: Isobel Thomson & Annie Woodbridge

MOT: Marriage on Track?


If your marriage were a car, would it pass its MOT? Or might it fail on one or two points? We're starting a brand new Marriage Course in October for any couple looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. Cost: £50 per couple. Running on 7 Tuesdays at Roffey Place. (Please note: Spaces are limited to 20 couples, but we will be running another course in the new year)

Outreach Group


This group combines intercession and sowing the Word to see disciples added to the Church. We pray for Worthing then go out to spread the Good News of God's Kingdom. Join us in this faith-filled, Spirit-led practical outreach to the people of Worthing.

Small Group Leader: Andrea Loonstra

Reaching The Homeless


Put your faith into action and get involved with a brilliant team who are serving where the need is greatest. This is your opportunity to be part of a group that is working practically to help transform people's lives. Regular events include a soup run.

Small Group Leader: Emma Taylor

The Way of the Spirit


Do you long to understand the Bible better, and to hear God speak to you as you read? The Way of the Spirit study courses teach us how to meet with God through His Word, illuminated by His Spirit, and to discover the relevance of the whole Bible to our lives. Find fresh joy and purpose in your walk with Jesus.

Small Group Leader: Sandra Farrell