Week of Prayer

Week of Prayer: 01-07 March

We’re setting aside the first 7 days and nights of each month to constantly and persistently pray and intercede both for the purposes of God and for the people in our locality to come to know Him. You can pray on your own, as a household, with others or in your Small Group.

  • Monday: The Workplace & Business
  • Tuesday: Children & Young People
  • Wednesday: Unsaved Friends & Family, Local Community
  • Thursday: The Nation & Government
  • Friday: Men & Women
  • Saturday: Israel
  • Sunday: The Church

Horsham & Crawley Congregations

Early Morning Prayer
Monday-Friday: 6am at Foundry Lane, RH13 5PX
Saturday: 8:30am at Foundry Lane, RH13 5PX
Sunday: 8:30am at Foundry Lane, Horsham & 9:25am at Holy Trinity School, Crawley

All Congregations

Lunchtime Prayer
Monday-Friday: 1-2pm at Roffey Place, RH12 4RU

24/7 Prayer

Click on an hour below to sign up and let us know when you’ll be praying.

Red squares indicate hours where people have already signed up to pray, but you can sign up for any hour that you would like to.