This Online

This year, Instead of our regular THIS conference, we are hosting a series of online livestreams, videos and Q&A on our YouTube channel, Light2North. The event is FREE of charge.

The World-Wide Covid-19 Pandemic that we are living through, will go into the history books. These are significant times - so more than ever we need times of being in God’s presence together.

The church that does this will spring from Lockdown into a vital new significance in our communities. It is a time of RESET. Not a wipe clean factory reset, but the church clearing our the rubbish to be free to be God’s Church without the mire and treacle. God’s wastes nothing and uses our journey, He does not discard any of our walk with Him.

THIS Online is significant because we will be in our households. Households, homes and the rediscovery of ministry based in them is an essential part of THIS RESET. This weekend is not a compromise event - it is a God event, planned and destined by Him for such a time as THIS!

We have a couple of special and spiritually significant events happening during THIS Online (23-26 May). During the Live Stream meeting on Saturday night as we pray we will simultaneously be anointing one another (or ourselves) with oil in our own households. This is particularly vital in this time of Church Reset/Refresh. The Holy Spirit anoints us as he calls us into being newly fruitful and effective.

Secondly, during the Sunday morning Live Stream we will share communion again together, but in our own households.  God is showing me (Paul) that both these times will be spiritually significant for us.

You will of course need to supply your own oil - olive oil is great for this but you can use any oil, even water will be sufficient if it is all you have. The anointing is an act of faith, it is the Holy Spirit who fills us with His presence.

Similarly you will need your own bread and wine of course for the Sunday. Again, if this is not possible, use substitutes.

This may be a World-Wide Pandemic - but we look forward to a world-wide move of God that springs from the homes of renewed and re-empowered believers!

The theme of THIS20 is now even more important, “Tell the next generation...THIS is God, our God forever and ever” Psalm 48:13-14 (NRSV).


Paul Abell

Paul Abell

Paul has a passion to see the Church united with God in the divine dance of the Trinity. Transfigured by Jesus, to be His community that transforms society around us. To see the Church shamelessly equipped to be the City on a Hill in villages, towns and cities across the nations. Seeing 'Faith working through love' lived out practically. For people to be fully living in the freedom that Christ died and suffered to win for us, so that we effectively see His Kingdom come and His will be done. To see healings and extraordinary miracles that restore people of all ages, physically, mentally and spiritually and to see them freed from loneliness and restored to relationship with God and community.

Online Schedule

Saturday 23 May 2020

10:00 THIS Premiere - Launch video blog with Pastor Paul Abell

20:00 THIS Evening - Livestream Word & Worship, Prayer & Ministry with anointing with oil

Sunday 24 May 2020

11:00 THIS Morning - Livestream Church with communion

12:25 THIS Hub Online - Cafe Church Online (Zoom meeting, details shared on the day)

Tuesday 26 May 2020

16:00 THIS Q&A - Livestream Q&A Session with Pastor Paul