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We live in a sex saturated world and more and more people, both men and women find themselves struggling with unwanted sexual behaviour. Issues around shame or fear of being judged and rejected can make it difficult to come forward and get help and find freedom.

However, Pure Desire groups exist to give you a space to share your story, experience love, grace and understanding and find freedom, hope and healing.

In these groups we use tried and tested, Christ - centered teaching from sexual addiction specialists to help equip us with the tools we need to overcome unwanted sexual behaviour and address the root of those behaviours. We learn about the neurochemistry of addiction as well as the weapons and strategies of God to overcome these behaviour and live clean and free lives.

This is not a battle we should try to win alone. We need community. Come and join other men and women and stand shoulder to shoulder to see sexual addiction broken.

These groups are also for those who may not struggle in this area but want to be better equipped to help others as well as being discipled and challenged in other areas of their lives

Groups are completely confidential from sign up to completion. If you are interested, please email puredesire@kingdomfaith.com. These emails are held in the strictest confidence and are only seen by our two Pure Desire team leaders who will get back to you without judgement or condemnation.

If you would like to hear more about this subject or hear personal testimonies from our Pure Desire Group leaders of the way God has brought freedom into their lives, you can find our teaching series at www.kingdomfaith.com/cultureofgrace

Trailers showing some of the teaching that we use in groups can be found below.

If you have been struggling in this area, please know you're not alone. Break the cycle today and get in touch.