Please note: During August we'll be meeting a little later than usual at 11am for our "At the movies" family services followed by a Bring & Share lunch together after the meeting.

Hi and welcome to Kingdom Faith Church!

We’re Christians from loads of different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common...we love Jesus Christ!

We’re passionate about Jesus and worshipping Him and for us that’s what life is all about! Our desire is to know God more and to help everyone discover how amazing He is!

Week of Prayer & Fasting: 08-15 September Click here for info

Whether you’re new to Jesus, new to Church or just visting you are very welcome at Kingdom Faith Church...we hope you feel at home!

If you’re thinking of visiting one of our services we’d love to see you. Come as you are, wearing whatever you like and if you have any questions ask one of the connect team when you arrive. We’d also love to invite you to our next Open House where you can meet some new people from the Church - click below for more information.

Got questions about life? Monday nights in Starbucks, Broadwater from 10 June - 05 August. Click for more info


Join us on Sunday mornings from 11am-12noon in the Exhibition Hall at Worthing College

Sunday morning is our opportunity to come together as a family and celebrate all that God is, all that He’s done and to kick start the week in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love. Bring a mate, come expectant...it’s what Sundays were made for!

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Jonathon Dyke

“We know that God has great things in His heart for Worthing and we’d love for you to come and be part of what God is doing here among us.”

Jonathon Dyke
Worthing Congregation Leader

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Church isn’t somewhere where we go - it’s who we are!

Small Groups are the relational heart of the Church - it’s where people connect, share life and grow together. If you want to meet new people and get plugged in why not join a Smal Group?

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What’s your next step?

Take the next Step on your journey with God...

As we move through the year we will be building a Discipleship Pathway for people into the life and culture of the Church, so that each one of us grows and becomes more effective in making a difference in our lives, in our families and in the world around us.

Know God
Live in Freedom
Discover Purpose
Make a Difference


Freedom is a 12 week Small Group Bible study followed by a 24 hour Freedom Encounter that is designed to help believers live in freedom every day. It’s the second step of our Discipleship Pathway and being part of a Freedom Small Group is designed to help believers move forward on their journey with God.

You can now sign up online by clicking below.

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Find out what’s happening and when in the life of the Church


At the Movies - Family Service & Summer Sizzler

11am @ Exhibition Hall, Worthing

Invite a friend to our At The Movies family services! Throughout August there will be no separate children’s or youth groups during the service as we will be meeting together as one family for our “At The Movies” series. Over 4 weeks we’ll be using clips from different films to communicate the gospel around themes like forgiveness and hope. This will be a brilliant opportunity to invite friends who don’t know Jesus yet!

Please note: During August we'll be meeting a little later than usual at 11am for a shorter family service followed by a Bring & Share lunch together after the meeting.

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Exhibition Hall, Worthing College, Hill Barn Lane, Worthing, BN14 9FD


Family Service

10am @ Sanditon Centre

Sunday morning is our opportunity to come together as a family to celebrate all that God is, all that He's done and to kick start the week in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love. Bring a mate, come expectant…it's what Sundays were made for. Our service starts at 10am and finishes at 11:30am.

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Sanditon Centre, Worthing College, Hill Barn Lane, Worthing, BN14 9FD


Sign up Sunday

10am @ Sanditon Centre

Sunday morning is our opportunity to come together as a family to celebrate all that God is, all that He's done and to kick start the week in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love. Bring a mate, come expectant…it's what Sundays were made for. Our service starts at 10am and finishes at 11:30am.

This Sunday we'll be hearing about what Small Groups are happening in the life of the Church and how you can sign up to be part of one.

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Sanditon Centre, Worthing College, Hill Barn Lane, Worthing, BN14 9FD


Grow 1

12noon @ Sanditon Centre

Grow is a part of our discipleship pathway, and as its name suggests, has the aim to help you grow in the things of God to allow you to confidently launch into the many adventures He has in store for you! Over 4 sessions running after the service on a Sunday, you’ll discover what God’s will is for you in four key areas of your life - all in a friendly and relaxed environment. We look forward to helping you Grow!

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Sanditon Centre, Worthing College, Hill Barn Lane, Worthing, BN14 9FD

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going deeper ...to go further

This month we’re focusing our daily readings on scriptures about Salvation alongside reading a chapter from the Old & New Testaments each day.

Let’s spend some time everyday reading, applying and praying these scriptures over our lives so that we can go deeper and further in His purposes for us. Below you’ll see what we’re reading today.

  • ROM 5:10 Romans 5:10
  • EXO 34 Exodus 34
  • COL 1 Colossians 1
  • 10We used to be God's enemies but now we have been reconciled to Him through the death of His own Son. His death has brought about our reconciliation; so we can be confident that the life He has given us will continue the work of salvation within our lives.
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  • 1The Lord said to Moses, “Chisel out two stone tablets like the first ones, and I will write on them the words that were on the first tablets, which you broke. 2Be ready in the morning, and then come up on Mount Sinai. Present yourself to me there on top of the mountain. 3No one is to come with you or be seen anywhere on the mountain; not even the flocks and herds may graze in front of the mountain.” 4So Moses chiseled out two stone tablets like the first ones and went up Mount Sinai early in the morning, as the Lord had commanded him; and he carried the two stone tablets in his hands. 5Then the Lord came down in the cloud and stood there with him and proclaimed his name, the Lord. 6And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The Lord, the Lord, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.” 8Moses bowed to the ground at once and worshiped. 9“Lord,” he said, “if I have found favor in your eyes, then let the Lord go with us. Although this is a stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness and our sin, and take us as your inheritance.” 10Then the Lord said: “I am making a covenant with you. Before all your people I will do wonders never before done in any nation in all the world. The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the Lord, will do for you. 11Obey what I command you today. I will drive out before you the Amorites, Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and Jebusites. 12Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land where you are going, or they will be a snare among you. 13Break down their altars, smash their sacred stones and cut down their Asherah poles. 14Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. 15“Be careful not to make a treaty with those who live in the land; for when they prostitute themselves to their gods and sacrifice to them, they will invite you and you will eat their sacrifices. 16And when you choose some of their daughters as wives for your sons and those daughters prostitute themselves to their gods, they will lead your sons to do the same. 17“Do not make any idols. 18“Celebrate the Festival of Unleavened Bread. For seven days eat bread made without yeast, as I commanded you. Do this at the appointed time in the month of Aviv, for in that month you came out of Egypt. 19“The first offspring of every womb belongs to me, including all the firstborn males of your livestock, whether from herd or flock. 20Redeem the firstborn donkey with a lamb, but if you do not redeem it, break its neck. Redeem all your firstborn sons.“No one is to appear before me empty-handed. 21“Six days you shall labor, but on the seventh day you shall rest; even during the plowing season and harvest you must rest. 22“Celebrate the Festival of Weeks with the firstfruits of the wheat harvest, and the Festival of Ingathering at the turn of the year. 23Three times a year all your men are to appear before the Sovereign Lord, the God of Israel. 24I will drive out nations before you and enlarge your territory, and no one will covet your land when you go up three times each year to appear before the Lord your God. 25“Do not offer the blood of a sacrifice to me along with anything containing yeast, and do not let any of the sacrifice from the Passover Festival remain until morning. 26“Bring the best of the firstfruits of your soil to the house of the Lord your God.“Do not cook a young goat in its mother’s milk.” 27Then the Lord said to Moses, “Write down these words, for in accordance with these words I have made a covenant with you and with Israel.” 28Moses was there with the Lord forty days and forty nights without eating bread or drinking water. And he wrote on the tablets the words of the covenant—the Ten Commandments.29When Moses came down from Mount Sinai with the two tablets of the covenant law in his hands, he was not aware that his face was radiant because he had spoken with the Lord. 30When Aaron and all the Israelites saw Moses, his face was radiant, and they were afraid to come near him. 31But Moses called to them; so Aaron and all the leaders of the community came back to him, and he spoke to them. 32Afterward all the Israelites came near him, and he gave them all the commands the Lord had given him on Mount Sinai. 33When Moses finished speaking to them, he put a veil over his face. 34But whenever he entered the Lord’s presence to speak with him, he removed the veil until he came out. And when he came out and told the Israelites what he had been commanded, 35they saw that his face was radiant. Then Moses would put the veil back over his face until he went in to speak with the Lord.
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  • Greetings1From Paul, by God's will an apostle of Christ Jesus, and from Timothy, my brother in the faith.2To the brothers in Colosse who are also in Christ, called to be holy and faithful to the Lord. May God our Father impart His grace and peace to you all.A rich inheritance3-4We are always thankful to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we pray for you, because we know about your faith in Him and the love you have for all the saints, those whom God has called and set apart for Himself and His purposes.5-6This faith and love are the result of the hope that you have; for you are sure He has a rich reward for you in heaven, the inheritance about which you have heard already through the Word of truth, the good news you have received of who Jesus Christ is and all He has done for you.The gospel spreads6This gospel is now being spread effectively all over the world; the good news of God's Kingdom. The power of this gospel has been growing among you since you first heard about and understood the wonder of God's grace, the wonderful truth that has come to all of us who believe.7-8You first learned about this great truth through Epaphras, our beloved brother and fellow servant of Christ, who visited you faithfully on our behalf and has now told us of the love that fills your lives, through all the Holy Spirit has imparted to you.Paul's continuous prayer9This is why, since we heard of what God is doing among you, we have never stopped praying for you, asking God to make you aware of His will; that He will give you all the spiritual wisdom and understanding you need.10The reason why we pray like this is simple. We want you to live lives worthy of the Lord, so that you please Him in every way possible. For then you will produce much fruit for His glory, through all the good works you do as you continue to know Him better.11-12He strengthens you with all the power of His glorious might, and it is this power at work in you that gives you patience, enables you to persist in doing His will and causes you to maintain your joy, thanking God the Father for all He has done in you. Yes, it is His work in you that means you are now qualified to share in the inheritance He has prepared for all those He has called and set apart to belong to the Kingdom of light.13For He has already rescued us from the devil's dominion of darkness and has brought us into His own Kingdom, the Kingdom that belongs to the Son He loves.14It is through Him that we have been made worthy in God's sight through the forgiveness of all our sins, so that now we belong to Him.Christ supreme over all15-16Jesus Christ is exactly like His Father, who remains invisible to us. He is God's firstborn, with authority to rule over all creation because everything was created by Him, whether in heaven or on earth, both the visible and invisible, every ruling power and authority. Yes, everything was created by Him and for His purposes.17So the Son has pre-eminence above all that has been created, for He existed before creation began and only in Him is everything ­sustained.18He is the Head of His Body, the church, for He was the first to rise from the dead, so that having conquered everything that opposed God's purposes He should now have supremacy over all things.Reconciled to God through Christ19-20You see, it was God's good purpose to place the fullness of His life in His Son so that through His life, death and resurrection, everything on earth could be brought back to His will and made one with all that is in heaven. And all this has been made possible through the cross, for through the shedding of His blood the Son has made peace between God and man.21You used to be separated from God. You were His enemies because of the ways you thought and believed, which were evil in His sight.22But now, through what Christ endured in His physical body, you have been reconciled to God so that you are now one with Him. It is through His death that He has made you holy before God, and it is Christ who will one day present you to His Father perfect, free from any accusation the devil could bring against you.23However, for Him to complete this purpose you have to persist in your faith, allowing nothing to shake your trust in Him, so that you attain the hope you have received through the gospel, your rich inheritance in heaven. This is the good news you heard at the beginning of your Christian walk, the hope that is held out to the whole of creation. And I, Paul, have become a servant of this wonderful gospel!Paul's service to the church24I rejoice in what I had to suffer for your sake. It was only suffering to my flesh, my natural man, and a continuation of the affliction that Christ Himself suffered for the sake of His Body, the church.25I have become your servant in this because of the commission God gave me, to bring you God's Word in all the fullness of its truth and power.26He is now revealing the secrets that have been hidden during previous times and generations; but these truths are revealed only to His saints, to those who belong to Him.27He has chosen to reveal to all who are His among the nations, the glorious riches that are centred in this mystery that Christ has now come to live in you, and in Him alone is your hope of glory, now and for all eternity.28This is why we speak only of Christ, encouraging, correcting and teaching everyone with the wisdom He has given us, so that we can present everyone perfect in Christ because they believe the gospel we proclaim. What a wonderful prospect!29And it is this that inspires me to work so hard, depending on His power to work in and through me, and enabling me to prevail through all the struggles.
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  • S.O.A.P.

    In order to go further in the mission God has given us, He said we need to go deeper in our relationship with Him. As with any tree or plant, the fruit is determined by the health and depth of the root. One way we have been going deeper is by reading and journaling through the Word every day. We’ve called it S.O.A.P.

    [S]cripture - Read the Word
    [O]bservation - Write down what God is saying/showing you
    [A]pplication - How do we apply this in our lives?
    [P]rayer - Pray through and over your life

    As we read the Word (Scripture), listen to the Holy Spirit (Observation), discover how to apply that to our lives (Application) and pray these things over our lives and those in the Church (Prayer) we’re going deeper in our relationship with God so that we can go further in the mission He’s given us.

    Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our Bible Reading Plan to press deeper into God so that we can go further in His purposes. Get yourself a Bible, a journal and a pen and SOAP your way through the scriptures!

    You can see which chapters we’re reading today above this section.


Watch the message from our Senior Pastor, Clive Urquhart, to hear what God is saying to us as a Church for this coming year.

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