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We are Christians from all different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common - we love Jesus Christ! Our desire is to know God more and to help others discover how amazing He is!

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Young Adults Group

3pm @ Join us Online

We normally meet every first and third Saturday of the month  - however during the COVID-19 lockdown, we will be meeting online instead every week- we’d love you to join us! 

The content of our meetings varies each week but you can always expect wholehearted encouragement as well as inspirational stories and lots of fun.  For more information and to get connected visit:

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Kids & Youth Online

5:30pm @ Join us Online

We normally meet every Sunday from 10:30am at Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, Westminster - however during the COVID-19 lockdown, we will be meeting live online on Saturdays - we’d love you and your children to join us! 

The content of our meetings varies each week but you can always expect wholehearted praise and worship, as well as inspirational and practical speaking.  For more information, please use the "Contact Us" section on our website:

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Sunday Celebration

10:30am @ Join us Online

We normally meet every Sunday from 10:30am at Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, Westminster - however during the COVID-19 lockdown, we will be streaming our services live online - we’d love you to join us!  Simply visit and click the red banner at the top.

The content of our meetings varies each week but you can always expect wholehearted praise and worship, as well as inspirational and practical speaking.  For more information visit:

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Online Prayer - Prayer Triplets

7pm @ Join us Online,

This week, we are meeting in our prayer triplets.We normally meet regularly for mid-week Encounter nights - times for prayer and worship - however during the COVID-19 lockdown, we will be meeting together live online as a whole church family and in our prayer triplets - we’d love you to join us! 
Please use the "Contact Us" section on our website if you would like to join a prayer triplet.

The content of our meetings varies each week but you can always expect wholehearted praise and worship, as well as inspirational and practical speaking.  For more information visit:

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Whether you’re new to Jesus, new to Church or just visting you are very welcome at Kingdom Faith Church London...we hope you feel at home!

There is plenty of free weekend parking all around the venue and Holborn, Temple & Covent Garden Tube stations are just 5 mins walk away. Come wearing whatever you feel comfortable in for Church - smart or casual and if you have any questions we’d love to chat to you, so head to the Connect point, or ask anyone wearing a Connect badge, who will be delighted to help you and show you around. We’re looking forward to getting to know you!


Join us on Sunday mornings from 10:30am in Mary Sumner House, 24 Tufton Street, Westminster

We’re a vibrant Church in the heart of London that is growing in the love of Jesus! A Church family that believes in taking the love of God into the community in practical, real and tangible ways. A Church that is a place where people can come together to meet with God! A place for everyone from everywhere!

Come and join us on Sundays at 10:30am. We’re looking forward to meeting you!

“It thrills us to see God equipping, raising up and releasing people right across the generations. We love that we get to join in with what God is doing every week!”

Jonathan & Helena Croft
Pastors, Kingdom Faith Church London

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Church isn’t somewhere we go - it’s who we are!

Small Groups are the relational heart of the Church – it’s where people connect, share life, grow and get together midweek across London. If you want to meet new people and get plugged in, join a Small Group in your area. Click below for more information.

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Discover your God-given purpose and see how you can make a difference
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Stand in the Gates
Prayer Decree

As a Church in the heart of London we are positioned not only physically but spiritually to ‘stand’ and ‘decree’ God’s Kingdom come in our nation. We believe in the power of prayer! Join us in releasing the Word of the Lord over London and the Nation every day.

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In the Community

Find out what’s going on in and around London...



A front line support project offering fresh choices

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Church Without Walls

Church without Walls

Prayer, worship and fellowship with the homeless

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Purse for the Poor

Purse for the Poor

Give into our mission to the poor in London

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going deeper go further

Daily Bible reading strengthens our relationship with God, nourishes our spirits and equips us to live a fruitful, effective life for Him.

If you’ve never read the whole way through the Bible before why not follow our plan this year? As we read the Word it’s important that we apply what we read and pray it out over our lives.

  • MAR 15:21-47 Mark 15:21-47
  • 1KIN 11 1 Kings 11
  • HOS 13 Hosea 13
  • 21By now Jesus was very weak physically, so the soldiers forced a man from Cyrene called Simon to carry the cross for Him. Simon, the father of Alexander and Rufus, had come from the country for the feast and just happened to be on hand.22They led Jesus to Golgotha, which means the 'Place of the Skull.'23When they offered Him the mixture of wine and myrrh to deaden the pain, He refused to take it.24Then they nailed Him to the cross. They decided to cast lots to see who should have His clothes.25They crucified Jesus at nine o'clock in the morning.26They nailed the charge against Him to the cross: THE KING OF THE JEWS.27Either side of Him they crucified two thieves.28In this way the scripture was fulfilled that says He was counted among sinners.29Those passing by shook their heads and shouted insults at Jesus: "You said You would destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days. So let us see You do it.30If You are really a saviour, come down from the cross now and save Yourself!"31The chief priests and teachers of the law mocked Him among themselves in similar fashion saying: "He saved others but look at Him now; He can't save Himself!32We will see and believe in You as the Christ and the King of Israel if You come down now from the cross." Even those crucified with Him also mocked Him.Jesus' death33-34At noon it became completely dark over the entire land. The darkness lasted until around three o'clock when Jesus cried in a loud voice: "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"35Hearing this, some of the bystanders said: "Listen, He calls for Elijah."36One of them quickly filled a sponge with wine vinegar. Placing the sponge on a stick he lifted it to Jesus lips saying: "Leave Him alone. We will see if Elijah comes to rescue Him."37Then with a loud cry, Jesus took His last breath and died.38At that very moment the curtain in the temple that concealed the Holy of holies was torn apart from top to bottom.39The centurion who stood there before Jesus heard His cry and watched how He died. "This must really be the Son of God," he said.40-41Some of the women, who had followed Jesus in Galilee to provide for His practical needs, watched from a distance. They included Mary Magdalene, Mary the Mother of James the younger and of Joses, and Salome. But there were many other women who had also followed Him to Jerusalem who were also present.Jesus' burial42-43It was now the day before the Sabbath, known as the Day of Preparation. Towards evening a prominent member of the council, Joseph of Arimathea, a man who longed for the coming of God's Kingdom, had the boldness to go to Pilate to ask him to release Jesus' body to him for burial.44Pilate was surprised to learn that He had died already. He summoned the centurion to verify if this was indeed true.45When the centurion confirmed that Jesus had died, Pilate authorised Joseph to take His body.46Joseph went and took His body down from the cross, wrapped it in a linen cloth he had brought with him and placed it in a tomb that had been cut out of the rock. Then he rolled a stone over the tomb's entrance.47Both Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joses had watched where Jesus' body had been laid to rest.
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  • 1King Solomon, however, loved many foreign women besides Pharaoh’s daughter – Moabites, Ammonites, Edomites, Sidonians and Hittites. 2They were from nations about which the Lord had told the Israelites, ‘You must not intermarry with them, because they will surely turn your hearts after their gods.’ Nevertheless, Solomon held fast to them in love. 3He had seven hundred wives of royal birth and three hundred concubines, and his wives led him astray. 4As Solomon grew old, his wives turned his heart after other gods, and his heart was not fully devoted to the Lord his God, as the heart of David his father had been. 5He followed Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, and Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. 6So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord; he did not follow the Lord completely, as David his father had done. 7On a hill east of Jerusalem, Solomon built a high place for Chemosh the detestable god of Moab, and for Molek the detestable god of the Ammonites. 8He did the same for all his foreign wives, who burned incense and offered sacrifices to their gods. 9The Lord became angry with Solomon because his heart had turned away from the Lord, the God of Israel, who had appeared to him twice. 10Although he had forbidden Solomon to follow other gods, Solomon did not keep the Lord’s command. 11So the Lord said to Solomon, ‘Since this is your attitude and you have not kept my covenant and my decrees, which I commanded you, I will most certainly tear the kingdom away from you and give it to one of your subordinates. 12Nevertheless, for the sake of David your father, I will not do it during your lifetime. I will tear it out of the hand of your son. 13Yet I will not tear the whole kingdom from him, but will give him one tribe for the sake of David my servant and for the sake of Jerusalem, which I have chosen.’14Then the Lord raised up against Solomon an adversary, Hadad the Edomite, from the royal line of Edom. 15Earlier when David was fighting with Edom, Joab the commander of the army, who had gone up to bury the dead, had struck down all the men in Edom. 16Joab and all the Israelites stayed there for six months, until they had destroyed all the men in Edom. 17But Hadad, still only a boy, fled to Egypt with some Edomite officials who had served his father. 18They set out from Midian and went to Paran. Then taking people from Paran with them, they went to Egypt, to Pharaoh king of Egypt, who gave Hadad a house and land and provided him with food. 19Pharaoh was so pleased with Hadad that he gave him a sister of his own wife, Queen Tahpenes, in marriage. 20The sister of Tahpenes bore him a son named Genubath, whom Tahpenes brought up in the royal palace. There Genubath lived with Pharaoh’s own children. 21While he was in Egypt, Hadad heard that David rested with his ancestors and that Joab the commander of the army was also dead. Then Hadad said to Pharaoh, ‘Let me go, so that I may return to my own country.’ 22‘What have you lacked here that you want to go back to your own country?’ Pharaoh asked.‘Nothing,’ Hadad replied, ‘but do let me go!’ 23And God raised up against Solomon another adversary, Rezon son of Eliada, who had fled from his master, Hadadezer king of Zobah. 24When David destroyed Zobah’s army, Rezon gathered a band of men around him and became their leader; they went to Damascus, where they settled and took control. 25Rezon was Israel’s adversary as long as Solomon lived, adding to the trouble caused by Hadad. So Rezon ruled in Aram and was hostile towards Israel.26Also, Jeroboam son of Nebat rebelled against the king. He was one of Solomon’s officials, an Ephraimite from Zeredah, and his mother was a widow named Zeruah. 27Here is the account of how he rebelled against the king: Solomon had built the terraces and had filled in the gap in the wall of the city of David his father. 28Now Jeroboam was a man of standing, and when Solomon saw how well the young man did his work, he put him in charge of the whole labour force of the tribes of Joseph. 29About that time Jeroboam was going out of Jerusalem, and Ahijah the prophet of Shiloh met him on the way, wearing a new cloak. The two of them were alone out in the country, 30and Ahijah took hold of the new cloak he was wearing and tore it into twelve pieces. 31Then he said to Jeroboam, ‘Take ten pieces for yourself, for this is what the Lord, the God of Israel, says: “See, I am going to tear the kingdom out of Solomon’s hand and give you ten tribes. 32But for the sake of my servant David and the city of Jerusalem, which I have chosen out of all the tribes of Israel, he will have one tribe. 33I will do this because they have forsaken me and worshipped Ashtoreth the goddess of the Sidonians, Chemosh the god of the Moabites, and Molek the god of the Ammonites, and have not walked in obedience to me, nor done what is right in my eyes, nor kept my decrees and laws as David, Solomon’s father, did. 34‘“But I will not take the whole kingdom out of Solomon’s hand; I have made him ruler all the days of his life for the sake of David my servant, whom I chose and who obeyed my commands and decrees. 35I will take the kingdom from his son’s hands and give you ten tribes. 36I will give one tribe to his son so that David my servant may always have a lamp before me in Jerusalem, the city where I chose to put my Name. 37However, as for you, I will take you, and you will rule over all that your heart desires; you will be king over Israel. 38If you do whatever I command you and walk in obedience to me and do what is right in my eyes by obeying my decrees and commands, as David my servant did, I will be with you. I will build you a dynasty as enduring as the one I built for David and will give Israel to you. 39I will humble David’s descendants because of this, but not for ever.”’ 40Solomon tried to kill Jeroboam, but Jeroboam fled to Egypt, to Shishak the king, and stayed there until Solomon’s death. 41As for the other events of Solomon’s reign – all he did and the wisdom he displayed – are they not written in the book of the annals of Solomon? 42Solomon reigned in Jerusalem over all Israel for forty years. 43Then he rested with his ancestors and was buried in the city of David his father. And Rehoboam his son succeeded him as king.
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  • 1When Ephraim spoke, people trembled; he was exalted in Israel. But he became guilty of Baal worship and died.2Now they sin more and more; they make idols for themselves from their silver,cleverly fashioned images, all of them the work of craftsmen.It is said of these people, ‘They offer human sacrifices! They kiss calf-idols!’3Therefore they will be like the morning mist, like the early dew that disappears, like chaff swirling from a threshing-floor, like smoke escaping through a window. 4‘But I have been the Lord your God ever since you came out of Egypt.You shall acknowledge no God but me, no Saviour except me.5I cared for you in the wilderness, in the land of burning heat.6When I fed them, they were satisfied; when they were satisfied, they became proud; then they forgot me.7So I will be like a lion to them, like a leopard I will lurk by the path.8Like a bear robbed of her cubs, I will attack them and rip them open;like a lion I will devour them – a wild animal will tear them apart. 9‘You are destroyed, Israel, because you are against me, against your helper.10Where is your king, that he may save you? Where are your rulers in all your towns,of whom you said, “Give me a king and princes”?11So in my anger I gave you a king, and in my wrath I took him away.12The guilt of Ephraim is stored up, his sins are kept on record.13Pains as of a woman in childbirth come to him, but he is a child without wisdom;when the time arrives, he doesn’t have the sense to come out of the womb. 14‘I will deliver this people from the power of the grave; I will redeem them from death.Where, O death, are your plagues? Where, O grave, is your destruction?‘I will have no compassion,15even though he thrives among his brothers.An east wind from the Lord will come, blowing in from the desert;his spring will fail and his well dry up.His storehouse will be plundered of all its treasures.16The people of Samaria must bear their guilt, because they have rebelled against their God.They will fall by the sword; their little ones will be dashed to the ground, their pregnant women ripped open.’
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  • S.O.A.P.

    In order to go further in the mission God has given us, He said we need to go deeper in our relationship with Him. As with any tree or plant, the fruit is determined by the health and depth of the root. One way we have been going deeper is by reading and journaling through the Word every day. We’ve called it S.O.A.P.

    [S]cripture - Read the Word
    [O]bservation - Write down what God is saying/showing you
    [A]pplication - How do we apply this in our lives?
    [P]rayer - Pray through and over your life

    As we read the Word (Scripture), listen to the Holy Spirit (Observation), discover how to apply that to our lives (Application) and pray these things over our lives and those in the Church (Prayer) we’re going deeper in our relationship with God so that we can go further in the mission He’s given us.

    Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our Bible Reading Plan to press deeper into God so that we can go further in His purposes. Get yourself a Bible, a journal and a pen and SOAP your way through the scriptures!

    You can see which chapters we’re reading today above this section.

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