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Hi and welcome to Kingdom Faith Church!

We’re Christians from loads of different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common...we love Jesus Christ!

We’re passionate about Jesus and worshipping Him and for us that’s what life is all about! Our desire is to know God more and to help everyone discover how amazing He is!

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How to know Jesus

going deeper go further

Daily Bible reading strengthens our relationship with God, nourishes our spirits and equips us to live a fruitful, effective life for Him.

If you’ve never read the whole way through the Bible before why not follow our plan this year? As we read the Word it’s important that we apply what we read and pray it out over our lives.

  • MAR 12:28-44 Mark 12:28-44
  • 1KIN 4-5 1 Kings 4-5
  • HOS 7:3-16 Hosea 7:3-16
  • The greatest commandment28One of the teachers of the law listened to these debates and was impressed by the good answers He gave. So he asked Jesus: "What is the most important of all God's commandments?"29Jesus answered: "The most important one is when God said: 'Listen, My people Israel, there is only one Lord, only one God.30You are to love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength.'31The second most important command is: 'Love your neighbour as much as you already love yourself.' God has not given us commands greater than these!"32"That is a good answer, Master," replied the questioner. "You are right when You say that there is but one God and no other except for Him.33It is much more important to love Him with all your heart, all your understanding and with all the strength you have, and to love your neighbour as yourself, than to bring to God a whole lot of burnt offerings and sacrifices."34Jesus acknowledged this was a wise answer, so said to him: "You are very near to receiving the gift of God's Kingdom." After that, no one dared to try and trap Him with their questions.Christ - David's Lord35While teaching in the temple courts, Jesus posed them a question: "How can it be that the teachers of the law called the Christ David's Son?36For under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, David himself declared: 'The Lord said to my Lord, 'Sit now at My right hand while I put Your enemies beneath Your feet.'"37"If David calls Him 'Lord' how can the Christ, the Messiah, be David's Son?" The crowd listening to Him were delighted by the way He silenced all the religious leaders.38Jesus warned them: "Beware of the teachers of the law. They love to walk about in their long robes and be acknowledged by everyone in the marketplaces.39They enjoy the most prominent seats in the synagogues and the places of honour at banquets.40They sponge off widows and try to impress everyone with their long prayers. Little do they realise that those who behave like this are only storing up severe punishment for themselves."The widow's offering41Jesus sat down directly opposite the place where people placed their offerings. He watched them as they gave into the temple treasury. Several of the wealthy threw in large amounts, often ostentatiously.42However, a poor widow came along and put in two of the cheapest copper coins, worth far less than a penny.43Jesus drew the attention of His disciples to this: "I tell you the truth, this poor widow has really put more into the treasury than any of the others.44They gave out of their ample resources; but despite her poverty, this widow put in everything she had to live on!"
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  • 1 Kings 41So King Solomon ruled over all Israel. 2And these were his chief officials:Azariah son of Zadok – the priest; 3Elihoreph and Ahijah, sons of Shisha – secretaries;Jehoshaphat son of Ahilud – recorder; 4Benaiah son of Jehoiada – commander-in-chief;Zadok and Abiathar – priests; 5Azariah son of Nathan – in charge of the district governors;Zabud son of Nathan – a priest and advisor to the king; 6Ahishar – palace administrator;Adoniram son of Abda – in charge of forced labour. 7Solomon had twelve district governors over all Israel, who supplied provisions for the king and the royal household. Each one had to provide supplies for one month in the year. 8These are their names:Ben-Hur – in the hill country of Ephraim; 9Ben-Deker – in Makaz, Shaalbim, Beth Shemesh and Elon Bethhanan; 10Ben-Hesed – in Arubboth (Sokoh and all the land of Hepher were his); 11Ben-Abinadab – in Naphoth Dor (he was married to Taphath daughter of Solomon); 12Baana son of Ahilud – in Taanach and Megiddo, and in all of Beth Shan next to Zarethan below Jezreel, from Beth Shan to Abel Meholah across to Jokmeam; 13Ben-Geber – in Ramoth Gilead (the settlements of Jair son of Manasseh in Gilead were his, as well as the region of Argob in Bashan and its sixty large walled cities with bronze gate bars); 14Ahinadab son of Iddo – in Mahanaim; 15Ahimaaz – in Naphtali (he had married Basemath daughter of Solomon); 16Baana son of Hushai – in Asher and in Aloth; 17Jehoshaphat son of Paruah – in Issachar; 18Shimei son of Ela – in Benjamin; 19Geber son of Uri – in Gilead (the country of Sihon king of the Amorites and the country of Og king of Bashan). He was the only governor over the district. Solomon’s daily provisions20The people of Judah and Israel were as numerous as the sand on the seashore; they ate, they drank and they were happy. 21And Solomon ruled over all the kingdoms from the River Euphrates to the land of the Philistines, as far as the border of Egypt. These countries brought tribute and were Solomon’s subjects all his life. 22Solomon’s daily provisions were thirty cors of the finest flour and sixty cors of meal, 23ten head of stall-fed cattle, twenty of pasture-fed cattle and a hundred sheep and goats, as well as deer, gazelles, roebucks and choice fowl. 24For he ruled over all the kingdoms west of the River Euphrates, from Tiphsah to Gaza, and had peace on all sides. 25During Solomon’s lifetime Judah and Israel, from Dan to Beersheba, lived in safety, everyone under their own vine and under their own fig-tree. 26Solomon had four thousand stalls for chariot horses, and twelve thousand horses. 27The district governors, each in his month, supplied provisions for King Solomon and all who came to the king’s table. They saw to it that nothing was lacking. 28They also brought to the proper place their quotas of barley and straw for the chariot horses and the other horses.29God gave Solomon wisdom and very great insight, and a breadth of understanding as measureless as the sand on the seashore. 30Solomon’s wisdom was greater than the wisdom of all the people of the East, and greater than all the wisdom of Egypt. 31He was wiser than anyone else, including Ethan the Ezrahite – wiser than Heman, Kalkol and Darda, the sons of Mahol. And his fame spread to all the surrounding nations. 32He spoke three thousand proverbs and his songs numbered a thousand and five. 33He spoke about plant life, from the cedar of Lebanon to the hyssop that grows out of walls. He also spoke about animals and birds, reptiles and fish. 34From all nations people came to listen to Solomon’s wisdom, sent by all the kings of the world, who had heard of his wisdom. 1 Kings 51When Hiram king of Tyre heard that Solomon had been anointed king to succeed his father David, he sent his envoys to Solomon, because he had always been on friendly terms with David. 2Solomon sent back this message to Hiram: 3‘You know that because of the wars waged against my father David from all sides, he could not build a temple for the Name of the Lord his God until the Lord put his enemies under his feet. 4But now the Lord my God has given me rest on every side, and there is no adversary or disaster. 5I intend, therefore, to build a temple for the Name of the Lord my God, as the Lord told my father David, when he said, “Your son whom I will put on the throne in your place will build the temple for my Name.” 6‘So give orders that cedars of Lebanon be cut for me. My men will work with yours, and I will pay you for your men whatever wages you set. You know that we have no one so skilled in felling timber as the Sidonians.’ 7When Hiram heard Solomon’s message, he was greatly pleased and said, ‘Praise be to the Lord today, for he has given David a wise son to rule over this great nation.’ 8So Hiram sent word to Solomon:‘I have received the message you sent me and will do all you want in providing the cedar and juniper logs. 9My men will haul them down from Lebanon to the Mediterranean Sea, and I will float them as rafts by sea to the place you specify. There I will separate them and you can take them away. And you are to grant my wish by providing food for my royal household.’ 10In this way Hiram kept Solomon supplied with all the cedar and juniper logs he wanted, 11and Solomon gave Hiram twenty thousand cors of wheat as food for his household, in addition to twenty thousand baths of pressed olive oil. Solomon continued to do this for Hiram year after year. 12The Lord gave Solomon wisdom, just as he had promised him. There were peaceful relations between Hiram and Solomon, and the two of them made a treaty. 13King Solomon conscripted labourers from all Israel – thirty thousand men. 14He sent them off to Lebanon in shifts of ten thousand a month, so that they spent one month in Lebanon and two months at home. Adoniram was in charge of the forced labour. 15Solomon had seventy thousand carriers and eighty thousand stonecutters in the hills, 16as well as thirty-three hundred foremen who supervised the project and directed the workers. 17At the king’s command they removed from the quarry large blocks of high-grade stone to provide a foundation of dressed stone for the temple. 18The craftsmen of Solomon and Hiram and workers from Byblos cut and prepared the timber and stone for the building of the temple.
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  • 3‘They delight the king with their wickedness, the princes with their lies.4They are all adulterers, burning like an ovenwhose fire the baker need not stir from the kneading of the dough till it rises.5On the day of the festival of our king the princes become inflamed with wine, and he joins hands with the mockers.6Their hearts are like an oven; they approach him with intrigue.Their passion smoulders all night; in the morning it blazes like a flaming fire.7All of them are hot as an oven; they devour their rulers.All their kings fall, and none of them calls on me. 8‘Ephraim mixes with the nations; Ephraim is a flat loaf not turned over.9Foreigners sap his strength, but he does not realise it.His hair is sprinkled with grey, but he does not notice.10Israel’s arrogance testifies against him, but despite all thishe does not return to the Lord his God or search for him. 11‘Ephraim is like a dove, easily deceived and senseless –now calling to Egypt, now turning to Assyria.12When they go, I will throw my net over them; I will pull them down like the birds in the sky.When I hear them flocking together, I will catch them.13Woe to them, because they have strayed from me!Destruction to them, because they have rebelled against me!I long to redeem them but they speak about me falsely.14They do not cry out to me from their hearts but wail on their beds.They slash themselves, appealing to their gods for grain and new wine, but they turn away from me.15I trained them and strengthened their arms, but they plot evil against me.16They do not turn to the Most High; they are like a faulty bow.Their leaders will fall by the sword because of their insolent words.For this they will be ridiculed in the land of Egypt.
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  • S.O.A.P.

    In order to go further in the mission God has given us, He said we need to go deeper in our relationship with Him. As with any tree or plant, the fruit is determined by the health and depth of the root. One way we have been going deeper is by reading and journaling through the Word every day. We’ve called it S.O.A.P.

    [S]cripture - Read the Word
    [O]bservation - Write down what God is saying/showing you
    [A]pplication - How do we apply this in our lives?
    [P]rayer - Pray through and over your life

    As we read the Word (Scripture), listen to the Holy Spirit (Observation), discover how to apply that to our lives (Application) and pray these things over our lives and those in the Church (Prayer) we’re going deeper in our relationship with God so that we can go further in the mission He’s given us.

    Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our Bible Reading Plan to press deeper into God so that we can go further in His purposes. Get yourself a Bible, a journal and a pen and SOAP your way through the scriptures!

    You can see which chapters we’re reading today above this section.


Freedom is a 12 week Small Group Bible study followed by a 24 hour Freedom Encounter that is designed to help believers live in freedom every day. It’s the second step of our Discipleship Pathway and being part of a Freedom Small Group is designed to help believers move forward on their journey with God.

You can now sign up online by clicking below.

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