Join us at Woodlands Meed School on Sunday at 10am

Hi and welcome to Kingdom Faith Church!

We’re Christians from loads of different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common...we love Jesus Christ!

We’re passionate about Jesus and worshipping Him and for us that’s what life is all about! Our desire is to know God more and to help everyone discover how amazing He is!

Kevin & Sharon Vandeput

“We’re so excited about what God wants to do in this town and we can’t wait to meet you!”

Kevin & Sharon Vandeput
Burgess Hill Congregation Pastors

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Sunday morning service

10am @ Woodlands Meed School

Join us on Sunday morning at Woodlands Meed School, Burgess Hill as we come together as a family to celebrate all that God is, all that He's done and to kick start the week in an atmosphere of faith, hope and love. Bring a mate, come expectant…it's what Sundays were made for. Our service starts at 10am and finishes at 11:30am. 

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Woodlands Meed School, Chanctonbury Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 9EY


Encounter Night

7:30pm @ Centre Church

Join us at Centre Church, Burgess Hill, on Wednesday as we make space for God to move and to speak into each one of our lives. Come expectant!

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Centre Church, 180 Leylands Road, Burgess Hill, RH15 8HS


All Night Prayer


Join us on Friday for all night prayer! We'll start by having communion together as a family over Zoom at 8pm and will be encouraging everyone to sign up to pray for an hour or more throughout the night. We'll get together again online at 7:30am the following morning on Zoom.

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Freedom Encounter

6pm @ Foundry Lane, Horsham

For all those who have been part of the Freedom Course over the past 12-15 weeks. To find out more about Freedom visit:

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Foundry Lane, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 5PX

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going deeper go further

Daily Bible reading strengthens our relationship with God, nourishes our spirits and equips us to live a fruitful, effective life for Him.

This month we’re focusing our daily readings on scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments.

  • PHI 4 Philippians 4
  • EZE 19 Ezekiel 19
  • 1In view of all this, my brothers, you should stand strong in the Lord. I love you and long to be with you, for I regard you as my joy and my crown, my dear friends!2I beg both Euodia and Syntyche to let the Lord bring them to agreement with one another.3Yes, I ask you as those who are bound in loyalty to me, to help these women who have worked with me in the cause of the gospel, together with Clement and all my other fellow workers, whose names are written in the Book of Life.Rejoice, pray and give thanks4Always rejoice in the Lord! I repeat: Rejoice!5-6Let your gentle spirit be obvious to others. The Lord is near; so there is no need to be anxious about anything. Instead pray about everything, following your petitions with thanksgiving whenever you ask anything of God!7God's peace is beyond understanding and will keep your hearts and minds at one with Christ Jesus.8What, then, should fill your thoughts? Whatever is true and noble and right in God's eyes; what is pure and lovely to Him; what He admires, which is everything that is excellent and worthy of praise.9Put into practice all you have learned from me; whatever you have received or heard from me. The Lord's peace will continue to be with you.Contentment in all circumstances10Your renewed concern for me has caused me to rejoice greatly in the Lord. I appreciate that in the past you had no opportunity to show such concern.11I am not suggesting that I am in need, for I have learned to be content regardless of the circumstances in which I find myself.12I certainly have known what it is to be in need and I have also known times of abundance. I learned how important it is to be content no matter what the situation, whether I am well fed or hungry, whether I am living in abundance or am lacking what I need.13I discovered that I am able to do everything through trusting in the One who always gives me strength.Thankfulness for Philippians' generosity14Yet I do appreciate your willingness to share in my troubles.15You Philippians are also fully aware that when you were first introduced to the gospel, you were the only church that undertook to share in the cost involved when I moved on from Macedonia. As a result, you also shared in the benefit of receiving.16Even when I was in Thessalonica, again and again you sent me the support I needed.17It is not that I am seeking a gift, only that more may be credited to your heavenly account!18I have received all I need and more besides. Now that I have received the gifts you sent by Epaphroditus I have plenty. Your gifts are a sweet offering, an acceptable sacrifice that pleases God.19And my God will surely supply for all your needs, drawing on the glorious riches He has given us through our unity with Christ Jesus.20Glory belongs to God our Father for all eternity. Amen! It shall be so!Final greetings21Please give my personal greetings to all the saints, those who live at one with Christ Jesus. The brothers here with me send you their greetings.22And all the saints here in Rome, especially those in Caesar's household, send their greetings also.23The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be imparted to your spirit. Amen! It shall be so!
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  • 1"Take up a lament concerning the princes of Israel2and say: "'What a lioness was your mother among the lions! She lay down among the young lions and reared her cubs.3She brought up one of her cubs, and he became a strong lion. He learned to tear the prey and he devoured men.4The nations heard about him, and he was trapped in their pit. They led him with hooks to the land of Egypt.5"'When she saw her hope unfulfilled, her expectation gone, she took another of her cubs and made him a strong lion.6He prowled among the lions, for he was now a strong lion. He learned to tear the prey and he devoured men.7He broke down their strongholds and devastated their towns. The land and all who were in it were terrified by his roaring.8Then the nations came against him, those from regions round about. They spread their net for him, and he was trapped in their pit.9With hooks they pulled him into a cage and brought him to the king of Babylon. They put him in prison, so his roar was heard no longer on the mountains of Israel.10"'Your mother was like a vine in your vineyard planted by the water; it was fruitful and full of branches because of abundant water.11Its branches were strong, fit for a ruler's scepter. It towered high above the thick foliage, conspicuous for its height and for its many branches.12But it was uprooted in fury and thrown to the ground. The east wind made it shrivel, it was stripped of its fruit; its strong branches withered and fire consumed them.13Now it is planted in the desert, in a dry and thirsty land.14Fire spread from one of its main branches and consumed its fruit. No strong branch is left on it fit for a ruler's scepter.' This is a lament and is to be used as a lament."
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  • S.O.A.P.

    In order to go further in the mission God has given us, He said we need to go deeper in our relationship with Him. As with any tree or plant, the fruit is determined by the health and depth of the root. One way we have been going deeper is by reading and journaling through the Word every day. We’ve called it S.O.A.P.

    [S]cripture - Read the Word
    [O]bservation - Write down what God is saying/showing you
    [A]pplication - How do we apply this in our lives?
    [P]rayer - Pray through and over your life

    As we read the Word (Scripture), listen to the Holy Spirit (Observation), discover how to apply that to our lives (Application) and pray these things over our lives and those in the Church (Prayer) we’re going deeper in our relationship with God so that we can go further in the mission He’s given us.

    Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our Bible Reading Plan to press deeper into God so that we can go further in His purposes. Get yourself a Bible, a journal and a pen and SOAP your way through the scriptures!

    You can see which chapters we’re reading today above this section.

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