Partnering with Kingdom Faith Church

Together Stronger...

Partnership is not a new concept it has been at the heart of humanity since the first clan made a treaty, the first businessman made a deal, since the first time Adam looked at Eve and thought, she looks good!

We’ve been forming partnerships since those destiny filled words “Let Us make man in Our image...” were divinely spoken and the greatest plan for partnership began. God’s plan has always been to have a people for Himself that will not only be His representation on earth, but through the life saving work of His son Jesus, have been given the incredible mandate to work together and the awesome honour of being part of His Body here on earth.

Kingdom Faith believes in partnership in the Church. We realise that we are not here for ourselves and that we are called to be part of the greatest partnership available to mankind, the one between God and His Church. We are not called to be in passive partnership with people, but in a partnership that is active and a two way dialogue. That is why Kingdom Faith commits to pray for our Partners as well as providing them with access to resources and monthly updates from our Senior Pastor, Clive Urquhart.

What Partnering looks like...

Our commitment to you as a Partner:

  • Encourage and inspire you in your walk as a Christian by providing you with great teaching
  • Stand with you as part of the wider Kingdom Faith Church family for the answer to specific prayer requests
  • Send you a monthly update of what is going on in the life of Kingdom Faith; including information about upcoming events

Your commitment to us:

  • Pray for Kingdom Faith Church
  • Have the opportunity to sow financially into the vision of Kingdom Faith Church

The call of Kingdom Faith is clear, “To see revival for a generation - turning the tide of a Godless society; by faith, expressed through love in the power of the Holy Spirit, to win and make disciples of all nations.” As we Partner together, each one of us plays an integral part in this being outworked.

If you can identify with these areas and would like to be part of the adventure that God is taking us at on here at Kingdom Faith Church then we invite you partner with us!