Youth Angels

Youth Angels

Providing young people with positive, alternative life choices...

Youth Angels is about involving our community in making a difference in the community. Originally working as detached teams on Friday Nights we have expanded the work to included other diversionary activities including Youth Club on Fridays and Friday Club early evening on Fridays for under 12s.

Friday Club  

Fridays from 4:30-5:45pm (Ages: 4-11, parents also welcome)

Youth Club  

Fridays from 6:30-9pm (Ages: 11-18)


As a Church based scheme, we believe that to achieve our aims we need to demonstrate the practical love of Christ in our community, to be the Church in our community and to do this by being a visible presence. Our tag line is, ‘If you need help, we’re there for you.’

Youth Angels operate detached work on Friday evenings. Through relationship and leadership Youth Angels can be more proactive than Street Angels and be involved in education towards a safer, more healthy lifestyle, including the avoidance of risky behaviour. We can provide knowledge and support to help young people to enjoy life and achieve, to make a positive contribution and to achieve economic well-being. As Christians we believe an essential aspect of being healthy, staying safe, enjoying life and achieving is spiritual exploration and awareness.

Dare to Dream

We dare to dream that we can make a positive difference in the lives of young people. Youth Angels aim to reduce the numbers of young people who may be at risk of involvement in alcohol and drug abuse, risky behaviour as well as crime and anti-social behaviour. We aim to be part of making our town a safe and welcoming environment for all generations, including reducing levels of perceived fear. We aim to foster community - not a sense of us and them, but a sense of ‘this is our town’ that is cross generational.

Youth Angels’ aim (as part of an active community) is to make our town a better, more interesting and exciting place to be, for young people and for all generations. We aim to provide young people with positive, alternative life choices. Youth Angels aim to be capable guardians for the youth of Scarborough, a friend, a big brother/sister, a parental figure, a positive role model. Our aim is to be perceived by the young people as someone who can be trusted, someone who will champion you and listen to you. Youth Angels aim to be an active part of our community that makes Scarborough one of the best places in the world in which to grow into maturity in adulthood.

Youth Angels are working in partnership with:

Churches together in Scarborough North Yorkshire Police BBC Children In Need
North Yorkshire County Council Scarborough Council Safer Communities in North Yorkshire

Could you be part of an enthusiastic team making a difference in Scarborough? If you’d like more information contact our admin office which is based in Kingdom Faith Church on 01723 374 516 or email or

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