Join us online on Sundays at 10:30am

Sunday morning

In-person Gatherings

Our in-person gatherings will begin 10.30am in the Main Hall. Services will consist of teaching, testimonies, prayer, the prophetic and worship.

Children: Currently we will have no activities for kids and youth but will continue to monitor this as the need arises.

Booking is essential every week so we can control the numbers attending and remain COVID secure. Booking closes at 6pm each Saturday. For more information or to enquire about spaces if booking is closed please email:

Registering for our services: Online registration is required - please click on the link below. If you are unable to register online, you can reserve a seat by contacting Jonathan or Helena. We will send details weekly giving the registration information on all our media platforms. Please contact us by emailing if you would like to book in.

Book Now

Cancellation. With only a small number being able to join us In Person, it is important that if you book and then you need to cancel for any reason please let us know as soon as you can so we have time to invite those on the waiting list to join us.

If we become fully booked, check the bookings connection 24 hours later, as we can sometimes release more seats, depending on the group configurations for social distancing and any cancellations.


The Short Version

  • You must book in.
  • Doors open at 10:15am, no earlier.
  • You’ll have to wear a face covering, unless exempt.
  • We will be operating a One-way system as the building allows.
  • We will only be able to allow people into the building 2 at a time so we can ensure that the entrance doesn’t become crowded.
  • We’ll guide you to your socially distanced seats.
  • You can’t sing, but we’ll help you worship.
  • Don’t come if ill.


The Long Version

Questions you might be asking (And some you’ve never thought of?!):

What do I do if I feel ill on the day? Anyone in your group who feels unwell on the day should not attend the service.

How sanitised & safe will the venue be? Your safety is important to us. The building will be clean in all areas that as a church we use. A One-way system and social distancing will be in operation. Please take extra care on your first few visits until you get used to it. We’ll help you.

How will it feel? Our welcome team will endeavour to make this a good experience. We want this to feel like family, so please do be kind, patient and responsive if you are reminded of guidelines. We know it’s tedious…but let’s get through it as a family!

Is there anything for my children school years 5-11 & 12-16? Currently until the need arises we will not be having any in house children’s work but will continue to do this online.

And what about my kids, school years 4 and under? We are truly sorry, but children school years 4 and under will not yet be able to have children’s work until we are able to fully adhere to the requirements for hosting these age groups. You are welcome to bring children any age to the main service, but please book them a seat, and bring something quiet for them to do.

Where Can I Park? There is plenty of free parking around the building but as it is in a congestion zone you would need to go to TFL online to pay for this. The nearest Tubes are St James' Park and Westminster; approximately a 10 minute walk with Victoria Station a 15 minutes’ walk.

What entrance should I use? There is a one-way system in place, so you will access Mary Sumner House via the front door on Tufton Street. We will have a queuing system following social distancing guidelines so please follow the instructions from our Welcome Team. We will be letting people into the building 2 at a time as requested by Mary Sumner House.

When will Doors Open? Doors open 10.15am.Do not turn up before 10.15am and only if you have booked. We are truly sorry, but whatever the weather, we won’t be able to let you through the doors earlier due to COVID guidelines.
If you have successfully booked in, you are guaranteed a seat, for your child/youth, so don’t turn up too early. Remember it’s a shorter service, so don’t turn up late either!

What will happen on arrival? Before entering the building, you will be asked if you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 (a new continuous cough, a high temperature, or a loss of, or change in your normal sense of taste or smell). If you are experiencing these symptoms, then you will be asked not to attend due to risk to others and you should self-isolate at home immediately with other members of your household.

Is there a Track and Trace system? The welcome team will ask for your name before you enter the service, for the council track and trace system. You will have given us all the other details required when booking. Details are destroyed after 21 days.

Is it all Socially Distanced? Yes! Where possible please keep 2 metres from others, that is not possible in some areas of the building and therefore we have followed the guidance to reduce risk and apply the 1 metre plus guidance.

Do I need to wear a Face Covering? It is illegal to attend a service at a place of worship in England without a face covering, unless you are under 11, or medically exempt. . You will be asked to declare this exemption on arrival so please have the necessary exemption details with you. Our Welcome Team are here to help you so do speak to them if you have any questions about face coverings or if you forget one (We will have some spares!).

How will I find my lovely, clean, socially distanced seat?! Our awesome Welcome Team will then be on hand to show you to your seats in the main hall. We will be seating people following social distancing guidelines and so ask that you do not move seats and only leave your seats if you need to access the toilet or when you leave the building.

Can we Sing or raise our voices? The government guidelines strongly recommend congregations do not sing or raise voices, but we will guide you into how to enjoy worship & prayer within the guidelines.

Can I chat with friends? Sadly, guidelines state the service itself cannot be a “social occasion” so please keep any social activities until after leaving the building/service, and remain within current government social guidelines. I.e. A group of 6.

How can I give during the offering? For all you passionate givers, we’ll have buckets where you can give as you leave. Make cheques payable to “Kingdom Faith Church”. Most are giving online at the moment though as it’s simpler. visit

Where will we exit the building? We will guide you row by row to the exit which will be the same door as you entered. We will all need to exit pretty quickly to adhere to guidelines.

For full government guidelines on place of worship, please click here.

To view the risk assessement for our in-person gatherings click here.

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