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We’re Christians from loads of different cultures and backgrounds with one thing in common...we love Jesus Christ!

We’re passionate about Jesus and worshipping Him and for us that’s what life is all about! Our desire is to know God more and to help everyone discover how amazing He is!

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How to know Jesus

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Daily Bible reading strengthens our relationship with God, nourishes our spirits and equips us to live a fruitful, effective life for Him.

This month we’re reading some passages about the victory and overcoming alongside a chapter of Acts each day.

  • HEB 10:12-14 Hebrews 10:12-14
  • ACT 26 Acts 26
  • 12But when this Priest, Jesus Christ, had offered the one sacrifice of Himself for our sins, a sacrifice that would never need to be repeated, He could sit down in triumph at God's right hand, for He had accomplished His purpose.13Now He awaits the time when all His enemies are under His feet and are made subject to Him.14But understand what this one sacrifice has achieved: those who are being made holy, set apart for God, He has made perfect already!
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  • Paul tells Agrippa of his conversion1Then Agrippa told Paul: "You have freedom to speak in your defence." So Paul raised his hand and began to speak:2-3"King Agrippa, I am truly fortunate to stand before you today to make my defence concerning all the accusations brought against me by the Jews, especially as you are so knowledgeable about Jewish customs and controversies. So I ask you to listen to me patiently.4"The Jews are well aware of how I have lived since childhood, both in my own country and in Jerusalem.5Not only have they known me for a long time, but they can also acknowledge, if they are prepared to, that I lived as a Pharisee, the strictest party in our religion.6And now I stand on trial here today because I expect God to fulfil what He promised to our forefathers.7This is the same promise that all the twelve tribes of Israel expect to see fulfilled as they faithfully serve God by day and night. Majesty, it is because of this hope we all have, that these Jewish leaders are accusing me!8Why should it seem incredible to any of you that God is able to raise the dead?9"There was a time when I was convinced that I should do everything possible to oppose the name of Jesus of Nazareth and all He stood for.10And I did just that in Jerusalem, receiving authority from the chief priests to imprison many believers, and I cast my vote against them when they were condemned to death.11On many occasions I went from one synagogue to another to have them flogged in an attempt to force them to blaspheme. I was so obsessed with opposing these saints that I even went to foreign cities to persecute them.12-13"Majesty, on such a journey I was travelling on the road to Damascus with the authority and commission of the chief priests, when at about noon I saw a bright heavenly light, brighter even than the sun. It shone around me and my companions.14We all fell to the ground and I heard a voice speaking to me in Aramaic, 'Saul, Saul! Why are you persecuting Me? It is hard for you to keep kicking against a rock!'15"'Who are You, Lord?' I asked. 'I am Jesus, the One you persecute continually,' the Lord replied.16'Now stand to your feet. I have appeared to you to appoint you as My servant. You are to tell others what you have seen of Me and what I shall reveal to you in the future.17-18I will protect you from both your own people and the Gentiles. I am sending you to open their eyes and to turn them from their spiritual darkness to the light of the truth, from the devil's power to God, so they can receive forgiveness of their sins and be numbered among those who are made holy through their faith in Me!'19"So you see, king Agrippa, I have not been disobedient to the heavenly vision I received.20First in Damascus, then in Jerusalem and throughout Judea and then among the Gentiles also, I have preached to people, telling them that they must repent. They must turn to God and prove that they have submitted themselves to Him by the evidence of the things they do.21"This is the reason why the Jews seized me in the temple courts with the intention of killing me.22-23But God has continued to help me right up to this present time, enabling me to stand here and testify to great and small alike. I teach nothing beyond what was predicted by Moses and the prophets, that the Messiah would suffer and would be the first to rise from the dead; that through Him the light might be made known to both His own people, the Jews, and to Gentiles alike."24Festus then interrupted: "You must be mad, Paul!" he shouted. "Your great learning has driven you crazy!"25"Most excellent Festus, I am not crazy," Paul replied. "What I am saying is both true and reasonable.26These things are well known by king Agrippa and so I can speak freely before him. I am sure that none of these things has escaped his attention, for nothing has happened in secret.27King Agrippa, do you believe the prophets? I am sure that you do!"28Then Agrippa answered Paul: "Do you imagine you can persuade me to become a Christian so easily, in such a short time?"29Paul replied: "Whether it takes a short or a long time, I pray to God that not only you but all those within the sound of my voice today will become what I am, apart from these chains I wear!"30At this the king, the governor, Bernice and those with them stood to close the meeting.31They left the room and conferred together concluding, "This man is not guilty of anything that deserves death or even imprisonment."32Agrippa told Festus: "If it had not been for the fact that he has appealed to Caesar, he could have been set free."
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  • S.O.A.P.

    In order to go further in the mission God has given us, He said we need to go deeper in our relationship with Him. As with any tree or plant, the fruit is determined by the health and depth of the root. One way we have been going deeper is by reading and journaling through the Word every day. We’ve called it S.O.A.P.

    [S]cripture - Read the Word
    [O]bservation - Write down what God is saying/showing you
    [A]pplication - How do we apply this in our lives?
    [P]rayer - Pray through and over your life

    As we read the Word (Scripture), listen to the Holy Spirit (Observation), discover how to apply that to our lives (Application) and pray these things over our lives and those in the Church (Prayer) we’re going deeper in our relationship with God so that we can go further in the mission He’s given us.

    Throughout the rest of the year we’ll be continuing our Bible Reading Plan to press deeper into God so that we can go further in His purposes. Get yourself a Bible, a journal and a pen and SOAP your way through the scriptures!

    You can see which chapters we’re reading today above this section.

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