Sunday Mornings

Sundays are awesome!

Sundays are a massive statement in the life of our children. It’s the biggest visible expression of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. Part of the service each week is a time when the children and young people can go out to their classes and receive their own teaching. Young Saints and Consecrate meet as part of the Sunday morning service at Kingdom Faith Church in Horsham, Crawley and Worthing (and is coming soon to Burgess Hill). Each congregation has different quantities of children in different age groups so the specific age groups are unique to each congregation.

To find out what children’s and youth groups are available in your congregation click the link below to visit the congregation page:

All the teaching we use on Sundays is written by our youth and children’s team in the office. It’s no small task to come up with teaching for 0-18s on the same topic every week, but our team is passionate about sharing the good news of Jesus! If you want to see the teaching we use visit our teaching page.

We’re really thankful to all the teams who work so hard in all these locations to keep the youth and children’s work an active and vibrant. If you think you’d like to be a part of our awesome team why not take a look at our team page and find out how you can get involved!

If you’d like to receive some extra help whilst parenting (let’s face it - we all need help!) why not take a peek at our resources page for links to loads of great resources and ministries who can help and support you. None of us is an island, we’re supposed to be a body, so let’s lean in to the support that’s available. If you’re not so interested in reading, and more interested in a shoulder to cry on or some help with your washing up, why not speak to your Small Group leader and allow the body to help you in your local congregation.