Hello J247 Parents...

Thank so much for your support during this past teaching theme, God’s Animal Kingdom. We’ve been so pleased to see the feedback from the theme and hearing your stories of how well some of your children responded to the individual topics that were addressed.

A few weeks ago, the Crawley congregation ran the first J247 in-person event on a Sunday morning in over a year, and last Sunday it was so great to see over 30 children and parents at the in-person event in Horsham. This weekend we’re looking forward to starting the children’s work in Worthing and you can book your place at one of these events online by going to my.kingdomfaith.com

J247 in-person

Whilst we’re working to get J247 back up and running in all our locations, we would ask for your help. Please come ready to support your child during these sessions, join in the songs, do the actions or exercises and join in with the craft. We want to try and ensure that your children enjoy coming back to church and see the benefit of having a strong faith community around them.

When you do come to join us at any of our locations on a Sunday morning, your child will be given a zip-lock craft pack with all the craft sheets printed out for them, plus their own colouring pencils, scissors and glue so they have everything they need to join in with the craft. All we ask you to bring with you is a drink and a snack for them to enjoy during the morning (nothing fancy, just whatever you might normally give them). 

We’re hopeful that with the anticipated easing of all COVID restrictions coming at the end of June that we will be able to welcome even more of you back as we will no longer be required to limit the numbers of people allowed to attend.

Lastly, I would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has continued to enable their children to engage with J247 online each week during lockdown… in the future your child will thank you for it. This is a perfect example of “more is caught than taught”. Our children watch us and notice the things which we make time for in our week. Let’s finish this lockdown well and help them stay connected to their faith (regardless of whether that’s J247 or some of the other fantastic Christian resources available for children). If you want links to other free Christian kids resources, you’ll find loads of links on the Parent Portal: www.kf.church/parents

Have a great week, we look forward to welcoming you back soon!

Grace & Peace

David Hellyer and the J247 Team

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