Daily Devotions with Colin Urquhart

Daily Devotions

With Colin Urquhart

Each day during the three weeks of prayer & fasting we will focus on 21 different ways in which the Lord has expressed His love for us. These notes will give you an introduction to the audio message for each day, but are not intended to be a substitute for listening to the messages!

In these next three weeks we are going to go on a spiritual journey together as a body of believers. We will begin with some basic truths of the gospel. As our relationship with God is always dependent on these truths we need to be deeply thankful for these ways in which He has loved us. Always remember that what for you may be common knowledge will be fresh revelation for some others.

We can only love God and others in response to His great love for us. So the greater the revelation and our understanding of His love for us, the greater our capacity to love Him and others. Whatever we say and do comes out of the quality of our relationship with Jesus. We expect the quality of that relationship to be deepened during these three weeks. As a result, we will then be able to bear more fruit for His glory, having a greater impact on others in the world around us because more of the love and presence of Jesus will be expressed in our lives. And this is our aim!

Every day we will be posting some notes as an introduction to the audio message along with some scripture references for you to read for yourself, but they are not intended to be a substitute for listening to the messages! A time of fasting is a time of more, not less. Giving more time to the Lord to work His purposes in our lives. You can use these scriptures and notes to reflect on the message for each day. Also they can be used in prayer.

You will also be given a practical aim each day for the outworking in your daily life what He does in you spiritually during this time, things that will have a lasting influence on your life.

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Day 09 - Monday 18 January
In love God has given you His Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of Heaven. No one can work his way into this Kingdom or ever deserve to be part this Kingdom. It comes as God’s gift to these who repent and believe in Jesus, and so have received His new risen life. Jesus taught you to pray for the coming of His Kingdom on earth, that His will shall be done here as in heaven. But the Kingdom is not a piece of territory; it exists wherever God has established His rule and reign in the hearts and lives of believers. So Jesus said that the Kingdom is within and among those who believe in Him.

Jesus also taught that the Kingdom is to be the priority in your life; that you are to seek first His Kingdom and righteousness, then everything else will be added to you. The gospel is the good news that God has made all the riches and resources of His Kingdom available to you already. This means that His will is for you to live the heavenly life here on earth, as far as that is made possible by the presence and activity of the Holy Spirit within you. In this way you will reveal the presence of the Kingdom to those who at present are outside of that Kingdom!

Scriptures: Luke 12:32, 17:20-21, Matthew 13 (parables about the Kingdom).

Aim: To ensure that your priority is to seek first God’s Kingdom in your life.

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