We started blogging about the #MusicWeLove because we got fed up of hearing people say “there just isn’t any good Christian music out there” when we knew that was completely not true. We’re passionate about highlighting the #MusicWeLove, music that will point to Jesus and lifts you up. There’s plenty of great music out there if you’re prepared to go looking, we’ve reviewed just a few of the best albums out there in our opinions. We’d love to hear from you if you think we’re missing out on something special - or if you have discovered some great new music thanks to our little site.

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We love great music, and we absolutely love helping others discover new music! We curate Spotify playlists to help you discover what we think is the best Christian music around.

Noteworthy #MusicWeLove
Every day it seems music catches our attention, and when it does – we add it to this playlist.

TOP3 #MusicWeLove
Whenever we review an album we pick out TOP3 favourite tracks from it. All of the TOP3 picks from all of the album reviews we’ve done are found on this playlist.

Acoustic #MusicWeLove
Chilled, reflective or worshipful music is what makes up this playlist.

Classic #MusicWeLove
Christian contemporary music isn’t a new thing. This playlist includes at least one song from every year from 1980-2010. Nothing too new on this playlist, but plenty of old classics!

Running #MusicWeLove
Everyone wants to stay healthy or get fit, if you want a running playlist which is full of thumping Christian music – this is for you!

Christmas #MusicWeLove
Christmas music sung by people who actually believe in the person they’re singing about.

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