Prayer Chain

Daily Prayer Chain for NHS staff and carers

The NHS staff in our nation are doing an incredible job at this time. We have a number of people in the church who are working on the frontline in the NHS and as carers dealing with COVID 19.

They have asked for prayer cover in the face of very challenging circumstances, and as a body, we want to support and uphold them in continual prayer everyday.

Nehemiah 4:13-14
So I placed armed guards behind the exposed parts of the wall. I stationed the people to stand guard by families, armed with swords, spears, and bows. Then as I looked over the situation I called together the nobles and the rest of the people and said: “Don't be afraid of the enemy! Remember the Lord who is great and glorious and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters and your wives, and your homes!”


These are our AMAZING people we are praying for:

  • Sandra - Nurse ICU
  • Bobbie - Nurse ICU
  • Lucy - Paramedic - Dorking Ambulance Station
  • Dan - Paramedic
  • Tunde - Health care assistant
  • Sylwia - Nurse
  • Christine - A&E
  • Daniela - Staff nurse
  • Alison - Nurse
  • Joanna - Midwife
  • Rachel - Nurse
  • Isabelle - Psychiatry
  • Pearl - Pharmacist
  • Caroline - Pharmacist
  • Daryl - Social care worker
  • Mandy - Care worker
  • Alison - Nurse
  • Jackie - Nurse
  • Janice - Care worker
  • Joel - Care worker for elderly
  • John - NHS lab testing
  • Alice - Care worker
  • Caroline - Hospice nurse
  • Tamara - Care assistant
  • Jane - Care worker
  • Wendy - Home carer


Some prayer points to help you pray:

  • Declare fullness of life over them
  • Pray for protection, strength, to stay healthy and free from the virus
  • Pray for amazing grace, compassion and wisdom
  • Prayer for God’s life and power in them to flow through them as they care for each person
  • Pray that they would have all the right equipment, protective clothing and resources
  • Pray for protection and health for their families/households

How can I get involved?

Please choose a day of the week where you and/or your household take some time to pray for the people on this list and select which part of the day you are praying in. You will then be asked to sign up with your name, congregation and email address so we know who is praying and when.

Red squares indicate times where people have already signed up to pray, but you can still sign up for any time that you would like to.