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A Door Standing Open

Kingdom Faith

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A Door Standing Open - Kingdom Faith

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A Door Standing Open bursts out of the speakers from its opening bars. ‘Raise a shout, cry aloud, this is freedom time…’ There’s something intentional, almost insistent about it. Not happy to be confined to background music, this is worship that wants to be engaged with. And so we’re caught up in powerful proclamation of God’s might and majesty.

This album comes from the writers and musicians at Kingdom Faith. Underpinning all the songs is a strength that comes from knowing God’s desire for us is greater than ours for Him. Encountering Him isn’t just a possibility, it’s an expectation. Meeting with God is what makes worship real worship.

While picking favourite songs isn’t what it is about, this album has songs that you can really connect with. From enormous anthems like ‘I Exalt You’ to the intimacy of ‘You Are The Lord’ to the militant drum breakdown in ‘Warrior’ this is a journey into the presence of God.

Good albums are difficult to switch off and by that definition this is a good album. So here is ‘A Door Standing Open’. Put it on and you won’t want to switch it off. But there is a door standing open that no one can shut – will you walk through it? Because that, ultimately, is what this album is all about.