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Easter Murder Mystery Event Resource Pack


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Easter Murder Mystery Event Resource Pack - United

It’s the most talked about death in history, no death has had more column inches written about it. In a classic murder mystery, the challenge is to discover who the killer is. Discover a motive and you’ll be able to determine who the main suspects are. But our murder mystery night is different, this mystery involves quite a different challenge. Our subject was accused and killed in broad daylight front of everyone. No other fact about Jesus’ life is as well documented as his death. There can be no dispute, Jesus died. The problem only arises three days later when his body completely disappeared!

In this Murder Mystery activity download your group will get investigate all the evidence in the most talked about death in history and decide for themselves where the body went. The download contains full leaders’ notes on how to run the event as well as printable workbooks for your young people to complete during the event. You also get key scriptures for each character in the story and editable PowerPoint slates to help you run your event.

In this zip file you will find:

  1. Leader’s Guide booklet PDF (for your youth team)
  2. Case File booklet PDF (for the young people)
  3. 6 x Historic character profile PDFs (for your youth team)
  4. Key Scriptures PDF (for your youth team)
  5. PowerPoint slates as flat PNG files (if you don’t use PowerPoint you can use these flat images as slates instead)
  6. This Explainer Document PDF

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