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How to know Jesus

Colin Urquhart

[Mini Book]
How to know Jesus - Colin Urquhart

How can the life of God's Kingdom become a reality in your life and experience? How can you not only be born again, but also filled with the life of God's Spirit? How can your life be filled with love for God and for others? How can you be confident that He will fulfill the plans and purposes God has for your life? How can you be blessed because you live daily in a living relationship with Jesus, a relationship in which you will experience answered prayer?...this mini book answers these questions.

"It has been my privilege," writes Colin Urquhart "to lead over a thousand people to the Lord through the teaching contained in this minibook, followed by encouraging them to write their letter to Jesus."

"Even those who are already Christians can benefit immensely by doing what is suggested in this book. Having done this themselves they will then be in a good position to encourage those whom they have been witnessing to, to do likewise."

Watch the video below to find out more about how to use this mini book and, if you would like to order a free copy, please click on the link above and fill in the form on the next page to do so.