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Know Jesus

Colin Urquhart

[Audio CD]
Know Jesus - Colin Urquhart

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Have you ever wondered how you can clearly communicate the gospel to non-believers? Have you ever struggled to talk about the basics of Christianity in a simple easy to understand way? Then this set is for you!

Colin Urquhart uses simple illustrations to talk about all the essential information needed to lead people to a place of salvation. He shows you how you too can be an effective witness to others sharing with them the profound truths of God's Word, without complicating it with jargon.

You can use this set in a variety of ways to help you: 1. You can simply listen to it and use the information to help you share the gospel. 2. You can use it in a group setting as a resource for house groups 3. Use parts of the set as an aid in an evangelistic setting to play to non-believers.