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The Lord's Orchard

Colin Urquhart

The Lord's Orchard - Colin Urquhart

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Every so often a book is written that addresses the whole Church and needs to be read by every Christian. ‘The Lord’s Orchard’ is such a book.

“The Lord wants a new reformation in His church in the 21st Century" says Colin Urquhart "This book sets out the kind of reformation that God wants to bring about within every church - not only in this land but throughout the world.”

“This book is called The Lord’s Orchard because of a vision God gave me. There's a vast Orchard that extends in every direction, beyond anything that the eye can see. Each tree in this Orchard represents a church, a fellowship of believers, and the branches of the trees represent the individual believers that make up those churches.”

“God’s purpose is to ensure that every tree in the Orchard becomes fruitful in the way He intended; by living the life of the Kingdom and by adopting the lifestyle of the Kingdom.”​