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The Move EP

The Move

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The Move EP - The Move

What is an EP? That, the band tell me, is the most frequently asked question about their new product. The answer is it's longer than a single but shorter than an album! What you get here are four songs that really rock. This is original material, and not just because the guys wrote it themselves. It has its own sound and it's not afraid to play it out loud!

The opening song breaks down to the repeat line, 'You are life, You are life, You are the ultimate extreme'. And these are songs that provoke an extreme response. It's exciting, passionate praise. The songs are excellent and the playing is inspired but it's more than that. The longer you listen the clearer it becomes. This music isn't intended to showcase the instrumentation but to wrench your focus from yourself and life's issues onto the one who is life.

At just four songs you could say The Move E.P. is short and sweet but that would be misleading. Don't expect softly, softly. This is explosive. It will rock your world but your world will be all the better for it!