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The Truth For Today

Colin Urquhart

The Truth For Today - Colin Urquhart

Let God speak to you directly and personally through the letters of the New Testament. Based on The Truth version these letters from the Word of God have been put in a form in which He addresses you as His beloved child. This has proved to have a powerful impact on those who have used this text.

The Truth for Today is not intended to replace scripture, but is a way of receiving the truths of these letters in a personal way in our contemporary context. The fact that God will speak personally to you in a way that can profoundly influence your life, is enough to realise that this book can enhance your spiritual relationship and walk with God through Jesus Christ!

Hearing and receiving the truth encourages faith and is able to bring God’s freedom into our lives. Throughout his long ministry Colin Urquhart has used the scriptures personally in this way to great benefit. In producing The Truth for Today, he has shown his devotion to God’s Word and his great desire for people to hear the voice of God personally through the scriptures.

When you read The Truth for Today you will realise how relevant these letters are for you, and you will be thankful for the way God speaks to you personally because of His great love for you.