Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom

Learn new things. Meet new people. Invest in your future

The Financial Freedom course aims to eradicate the world’s financial wisdom and replace it with Biblical teaching. The course instills the importance of our tithe and how we can steward all that God gives us.

If you’re prone to over-spending, or are consistently moving debt from one credit card to another the course can help you, not only break free from those habits, but it will give you a pathway to move in a different direction.

Topics covered include creating your financial goals, saving for your future and the gift of giving and leaving a legacy.

During the course we will also spend time explaining how you can demolish debt through a logical proven method of finding some ‘fat’ in your budget and applying that extra cash to your debt payments.

The course is run over six weeks and is open to anyone who wishes to improve the stewardship and management of their finances. It empowers you to break free from the bad habits that often inhibit the ability to see the wood for the trees when reading your bank statement.

Each week there is a short video to watch and some questions to discuss in a relaxed small group setting.

The course content was developed by Jeff Lestz who has built successful businesses in the USA and UK and is the CO-CEO of Genistar Ltd. – a London based financial education and financial services firm.

Course Information


Per person
£30 for a couple attending together


Starts 11 June



Venue: Kingdom Faith Church, Foundry Lane, Horsham, RH13 5PX

Please note: Registration opens Sunday 05 May