Pastoring in the Truth

Pastoring in the Truth

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One of the areas that we want to invest in is the way in which we can all lead and influence others in their walk with God!

As part of our commitment to build a strong discipleship pathway for people to live in freedom, discover their purpose, and go on to make a difference, this six week course is for anyone who is already involved with counselling others in the life of the Church.

This course will look at the ways in which we can use the truth of God’s Word to bring people into greater personal freedom as they grasp hold of this revelation for themselves.

Pastor Colin Urquhart will be covering the first and the last evening sessions. Gary Rumbold and Jonathon Dyke along with one or two of our other leaders will be covering the remaining evening sessions.

Each evening, there will be 2 separate sessions which will give the opportunity to look at some of the biblical principles of counselling others, share some learned practises from those already involved in doing this, find out how to apply these in our own setting, ask questions, and gain a greater understanding of how we can see the truth setting people free to free others.

The sessions will cover some of the how to’s of counselling others and will also help avoid some of the how not to’s as well!

During the six weeks, we will be looking at some of the key aspects of counselling others in truth:

  • Our identity
  • The work of the Cross
  • The power of the Blood
  • Dealing with deception
  • Strongholds and curses
  • Counselling the wounded
  • Opposing the enemy

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Starts 11 June, 7pm



Venue: Kingdom Faith Church, Foundry Lane, Horsham, RH13 5PX