Prayer & Fasting

Prayer & Fasting

January 2023

"I believe that we are in a really important moment as Kingdom Faith Church. God has been transitioning us from one era of time to a new era over the last five years and how we start 2023 with a time of prayer and fasting is going to be so, so important." Clive Urquhart - Senior Pastor

On Sunday 8th January we’ll be having our Vision Sunday where we’ll be earthing the vision, looking at really practical ways that we can outwork what God is saying to us as a family of believers. This Sunday will be our launch of the 21 days of prayer and fasting where we’ll be praying into and fasting about salvations, signs and wonders accompanying the preaching of the good news. We want to see breakthroughs, not just in January, but increasingly throughout the whole year.

On Tuesday evenings on each of the 3 weeks we’re going to have Encounter Nights for everyone from all 4 congregations to come together at Foundry Lane in Horsham and then on Wednesday nights we’ll be meeting locally in each location to gather, pray, seek the Lord and press in to see breakthroughs taking place. There will also be other times throughout the 21 days to pray as congregations so check out the details below for more information.

Then on Friday nights we want to get around the table. This is a time to invite others in our homes to eat together, break bread and take communion, pray for one another, encourage others, build fellowship and community as we share our lives together.

We also want to encourage everyone in the life of the church to partner with a couple of other people throughout the 3 weeks to form prayer triplets (or 2-4 people). This might mean meeting together before work each day or calling one another and praying in the evenings or over Zoom. Perhaps meeting with Christian colleagues to pray during lunch breaks. If you’re not sure who you could partner with get in touch with your Small Group Leader, your Congregation Pastors or email and we’ll partner you up with someone.

If you’ve never fasted before or don’t know much about it then have a listen to a message the Colin Squires brought back in September called ‘The Joy of Fasting’ to find out what it really means and how to get yourself ready for the 21 days. Whatever God tells you to do, whether it’s to fast one meal a day or to fast more than that, He will grace you for it.

Let’s be expectant that God is going to speak into our lives and move among us as we set this time aside for Him.

Encounter Nights

Each Tuesday we’ll be gathering in-person and online to encounter Jesus and move into 2023 with great expectation for all He will do this year. Join us for prayer at 7:30pm and at 8pm for the Encounter Night.

  • Tuesday 10 January - Foundry Lane, Horsham / Online
  • Tuesday 17 January - Foundry Lane, Horsham / Online
  • Tuesday 24 January - Foundry Lane, Horsham / Online

Prayer Gatherings

On Wednesday nights during the 21 days we’re going to be getting together as a congregation to hear from God, pray and release His purposes over our town. Join us at 7:30pm

  • Wednesday 11 January - Worthing College
  • Wednesday 18 January - Worthing College
  • Wednesday 25 January - Worthing College

Lunchtime Prayer

From Monday-Friday each week we’ll be meeting at lunchtime to continue putting fuel on the fire of what God is doing in our lives through prayer. Join us in Foundry Lane, Horsham at 1pm.

Online Prayer

On Sunday 15 & 22 January we’ll be meeting online to pray via Zoom. Use the link below to join us from 7-8pm.

Zoom Link

Round the Table

Friday nights is a time to feast together as we get around the table. Invite others round to eat together, break bread and take communion, pray for one another and build community.