My story - Karen Reynolds
Karen Reynolds

My story Karen Reynolds

In 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and, because the tumour was already too large (the size of a conker), the only option was radical surgery followed by chemotherapy, which I refused.

God gave me such a peace and I really felt that He didn't want me to have any treatment - that He would take care of it. In that same week I was also diagnosed with spinal cord compression, caused by an incident whilst having a tooth extraction, for which it was suggested that I have a 5 hour operation to insert a metal cage through the front of my neck.

There was only a 30% chance of improvement, and it could prove to be fatal. I decided to trust the Lord. It was not a good week! But I knew that nothing is impossible with God.

I carried on with no problems until around the end of 2017, when the breast suddenly became bright red and hot to the touch and it doubled in size. It also occasionally leaked some blood and was quite painful. Although I never voiced anything negative, I sometimes thought “Lord, what is happening here?” And on three separate times I heard Him say “It will be alright!”

Then sometime during 2018 I received a gift of the Faith’s Proclamations CD, which I started to use twice a day to start with, then once a day when I had saturated my spirit with the Word. It empowered me so much - I felt 10 feet tall every time I used this.

God got it to me at just the right time, because in September of 2018 I suddenly became very ill and was rushed to hospital. It was suspected that I had pneumonia and maybe pleurisy due to the pains in my chest and back.

However, the A&E doctors said that they suspected that the cancer had spread to my sternum and lymph node under my right arm. A CT scan showed some signs of this and also a patch on the top of my scull.

Because it had been left for so long with no treatment they sent me home with just some antibiotics for a suspected infection in the breast. Shortly after this the tumour started to grow through the skin to the outside of the breast.

It was leaking constantly, a foul smelling liquid, and had to be cleaned and dressed three times a day. The smell was so bad that I began to stay at home - I was so worried that other people would smell it!

Also, I couldn’t go very far as it would fill the dressing and leak into my clothes. In January of 2019 I had a massive haemorrhage from the hole under my breast where the tumour had burst through, and was rushed to hospital.

It was there that I was told that there was nothing that could be done medically, they could only keep patching me up and sending me home. It was suggested that I have six weeks of radiotherapy to try and shrink the tumour and dry up the liquid and seal the blood vessels to prevent another bleed.

Every person I spoke to made sure to let me know that this was not a cure, only palliative care, to make me more comfortable. But I knew different.

Through using the CD and declaring the Word over myself God gave me the amazing ability to let every negative thing spoken over me pass over my head! It could not penetrate my armour! I simply could not believe it. I refused to die. I play by a different set of rules!

Some of the medical staff even became quite angry with me because I refused to allow their comments to affect me! There have been miracles all the way. From the first haemorrhage (I had three), when it would not stop and I shouted “Jesus! Help!”, the blood immediately clotted.

Then the Oncologist thought she might not be able to come up with a programme for me, as I needed to be able to rest my arm behind my head during the treatment, which I have not done for years due to a previous medical condition.

We trusted God to guide her hands, and He did, and she came up with a perfect plan. When I started the treatment the tumour was 10cms in size, and the doctor said that it was a very aggressive form of cancer. She was surprised that it had not already claimed my life.

But we know who's in control!

The treatment was gruelling and I felt very poorly, but by the fourth week the breast had shrunk dramatically. It was still leaking and smelling very bad, but victory was in sight!

I finished the treatment and a week later, on 20th March, when my husband was cleaning and dressing it, the tumour fell out on the bathroom floor!

How a tumour measuring 4 inches by 2½ inches managed to come out through such a small wound, with no tearing of the skin and no bleeding is amazing. And I didn't feel anything!

We have photographs of every stage of the journey, including the tumour - because people will not believe this without documented evidence.

I went for a follow up appointment on 1st April and was told that there is no cancer anywhere else in the sternum, lymph node or scull. Praise the Lord!

I showed the tumour to the doctor and she was delighted! I know that when I go back again in May every single cancer cell will have gone from the breast and I will be totally cancer free!

Also, my right arm was three times the size of the other one - due to Lymphedema. I was told that only the hospice could deal with this - but the power of prayer was all that was needed! The arm is normal.

Someone said “If God healed her, why is she still in a wheelchair?” It's not for us to question why God does things the way He does - but His timing is always perfect and He is working all things together for our good - even when we can't see it!

He did the most important thing first, which was to save my life. I am a work in progress. If He did everything at once we would have no more need for faith. Our faith “muscle” would become useless, then we could be in danger of drifting and being wise in our own eyes.

I believe, whether we like it or not, that we are going to have to be using our faith over some situation until we go home to be with the Lord. We need to always be trusting, and pressing in for the next victory! It's what keeps us sharp and ever draws us closer to Him.

It's exciting because when you stick with the Word you will come back with a testimony!

Praise the Lord for His goodness and kindness.

What a mighty God we serve!!!