Start using your keys - Rachael Rumbold
Rachael Rumbold

Start using your keys Rachael Rumbold

How many times have you found yourself looking through your “bits and pieces” drawer looking for the key that fits your UPVC windows? Then in the process have found a key that you have no idea what it's for - but still not found the key to the window?!

There are some keys we use a lot, all the time, every day. House keys, car keys. Some you plip, some you don't even need to insert in the lock you just have it on your person and hey presto the door unlocks! Most keys are unique - they all do the same thing, unlock or lock - but they are unique to the window, door or safe that they belong to.

So tell me something I don't already know I hear you say. Well the purpose of me pointing out the obvious is that it can be like that in our lives too.

Often we find ourselves in situations where we need a breakthrough, something to change. It might be healing or provision. It could be any number of things where you need a solution - a key to open up the situation. We might be using the wrong key for the outcome we are believing for. Or a key we've used before because the situation is similar but it doesn't quite fit.

Sometimes we go routing through the “bits and pieces” drawer of our mind stressing about where the key is only to find we have hidden somewhere safe and then we have to go through a process of retracing our steps to discover it again.

Are we looking in the right place?

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.

Matthew 6:33 (New Living Translation)

When we are looking for a solution are we so busy searching for our answer that we forget to put Jesus first - is He still at the centre - or is what we are believing for pushing Him aside? This verse says seek the Kingdom of God first - are we looking to the earthly kingdom for solutions - trying to force the lock?

The keys of the Kingdom are unique to unlocking and releasing our situations, it might be a rhema word, it might be prayer and fasting, high praise and declaration. In real terms more than one person might have keys to an office or business premises. This is like corporate prayer, we have the same objective and we hold the same key to unlocking and moving the situation in agreement.

Let’s have a look what Jesus says In Matthew 16:19 about the keys of heaven -

I will give you the keys of heaven’s Kingdom realm to forbid on earth that which is forbidden in heaven, and to release on earth that which is released in heaven.

Matthew 16:19 (The Passion Translation)

When I go to visit my parents I stay with my brother and sister-in-law and they very kindly let me use their second car. Last year their little car came to the end of its life and so they bought a new one. This coincided with me visiting and upon my arrival I was handed the keys to a brand new car to use for the weekend. They gave me not just permission but authority to drive their new car. They trusted me!

In this passage of scripture Jesus isn't handing Peter (us) a literal set of keys but the authority and permission to operate in Kingdom principles whilst we still live on this earth. This is His instruction to us and it's our responsibility to use it. I could quite easily have said to Ian, Ooh thank you so much but I couldn't possibly drive this new car it's too much responsibility! I could have said You drive me around instead. But the point is he was giving it to me to drive. To unlock the door and use it to its full potential.

That's what Jesus is giving us the key to do, unlock the door and release all of heaven’s potential here on earth. He gave me the authority and he gave it to you too!

That's why Jesus isn't expecting us to pray Jesus will You do this please? prayers because He said release it, bind it. Not If you ask Me nicely I might do it for you. He gives us permission. He is empowering us to see change in our circumstances, our health, our finances, our relationships. And do you know what? He loves it when we use it!

Keys don't just unlock, they lock and make secure too. When using Ian's new car he trusted me that when I reached my destination I would lock it up and make it secure. That's where the binding comes in. We can release what's permitted in heaven and we can bind what's not permitted in heaven. Release healing, provision, restoration, blessing, salvation etc. But then we bind sickness, poverty, division, curses etc. We lock the door on them and prevent them from getting out.

Declaring the Word and high praise releases faith and God sees that and says I can work with that.

For I will do whatever you ask Me to do when you ask Me in My name. And that is how the Son will show what the Father is really like and bring glory to Him.

John 14:13 (The Passion Translation)

Our journey of faith in Him is exciting and stretches our capacity to grow. So if you are looking for a solution or a shift in your circumstances start using your keys and unlock heaven's storehouse in your life.