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The Truth New Testament - Study Edition

Colin Urquhart

The Truth New Testament - Study Edition - Colin Urquhart

The Truth New Testament, translated from the original text by leading teacher and preacher Colin Urquhart in obedience to the call of God, brings out a fuller meaning of the scriptures and charts a middle course between very scholarly literal translations and the more modern paraphrases.

This study edition is intended for the general reader and comes as a hard-back version. Any Christian will benefit from the notes provided at the foot of every page of the New Testament text. They contain useful background information, but their primary purpose is to show the relevance of the Scriptures for today's believer and how he or she can apply the Word to his or her life in faith and with love.

Features include:

  • Complete text of the New Testament with study notes
  • Over 50 main themes in margin of text
  • Profile of the ministry of Jesus
  • Articles about key subjects such as salvation and the cross
  • Old Testament passages and their relevance to the New Testament
  • How to appropriate the truth personally

"The purpose throughout" writes Colin Urquhart, "has been to make this Study Edition as simple to use as possible, while providing all a believer needs to know to be able to live in the good of the wonderful revelation of Himself that God gives in the pages of the New Testament."